24 September 2013

[MP3] Lolawolf – Drive

posted by: Eric New Music Daily

It’s almost become a lazy cliché to throw around phrases like “this would’ve fit perfectly on the Drive soundtrack” when describing any new synth-based song with airy vocals. Sure, the soundtrack was awesome and it hit at a perfect time when music like this was becoming really popular, but that was two years ago and it’s time to finally move on. That being said, THIS NEW SONG FROM LOLAWOLF WOULD HAVE FIT PERFECTLY ON THE DRIVE SOUNDTRACK. Featuring airy vocals and driving synths, it makes me want to have one of those corny self-reflective moments you see in movies where the main character breaks down and goes on a long emotional drive by themselves to figure out where exactly everything went wrong with their lives. Am I wrong? I mean, the song is even called drive. You get the point.

Lolawolf is taking that whole “lets remain mysterious” approach that’s been working out for everyone lately, but I did a little digging creepy Internet stalking and found out they’re from Brooklyn and their names are Zoe, James, Raviv and Jimmy. Rumor has it that Zoe is Zoë Kravitz — co-star of After Earth and daughter of Lenny Kravitz. More importantly, I also found a slightly older (but worthwhile) track on their bandcamp page called “Wanna Have Fun” that I’ve included below as well.


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