07 February 2014

[MP3] Kitty – 285

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
new kitty!

Remember when “Okay Cupid” came out and everyone was so awful and judgmental about this teenage girl they knew nothing about. Well, it has been almost two years since that video came out, and we know a lot more about Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) and even she seems to know a lot more about herself. I mean, she went to New York City alone after the release of the “Okay Cupid” video and experienced this whole other world in the recently shut down BK venue 285 Kent, which the song is dedicated to. It marked her first big city experience–very different from the small town in Florida where she grew up (she wrote more about the importance of 285 Kent here). And so this maybe cultural awakening shines through in her music. “285” is “fuller” than anything I have heard by Kitty yet; she even sings on the track, which really makes the whole thing sort of perfect.

We say goodbye I guess, I will see you around, and I will clean up my mess, and I’ll never weigh you down…


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