05 November 2013

[MP3] Jon Waltz – LNIA

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Jon Waltz!

I feel like we are slowly heading towards a wall, or maybe rather, an iceberg. Keeping with the metaphor, the Titanic would be us with our stupid confidence resulting from the endless power recklessly handed to us by the Internet. With this great power we are given so many means to create. Finding out which information to push where can sometimes be tricky. For example, I don’t really talk about my delinquencies on here. I don’t know; maybe I think that would be unprofessional (or maybe I don’t want my parents reading that). But my point is that we are reaching a point where everyone is sharing everything everywhere. But not Jon Waltz. No, Jon Waltz is doing it right. He is focusing his energy and thoughts into one medium: his music. And it shows. The storytelling is concise and vivid. On “LNIA” Waltz makes sure he is not the only one experiencing the events that transpired during his last night in Atlanta. 

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