12 February 2013

Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down [Music Video]

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Mikky Ekko Pull Me Down

Mikky Ekko entered my life when Arjun introduced me to his music last year, but since then, it seems he’s blown up. He wrote a song for Rihanna and the two performed together at the Grammy’s, which obviously launches Mikky Ekko’s career forward in full speed, if it wasn’t already headed in that direction. His breakthrough song “Pull Me Down” was originally released without a video to go with it, but a few days ago, he released the official video for the single. The vibe matches the song perfectly: it’s got a solitary, dark, solemn vibe to it. It’s a bit haunting, but it’s alluring. Mikky, if you really want to be my man, I’m willing to entertain the offer. Call me, okay?

Bonus: Mikky Ekko Performs “Pull Me Down” for YoursTruly

[via DN]


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