26 October 2015

Memoryy – All My Love

posted by: Grant New Music Daily

Singer-songwriter Shaun Hettinger originally wrote “All My Love” looking to get it recorded by¬†Rihanna or Flo-Rida, but luckily he wound up keeping it for his own solo project, Memoryy.

Hettinger has given us some refreshingly upbeat, smart pop music under the moniker, and this new single is no exception. The track was co-produced by Yeasayer producer Abe Seiferth.

“All My Love” is a bit of a tempo departure from his previous discography. It hums along at a slower pace, and has an underlying sense of drama that is new to Memoryy. The track picks up on the hook, bringing the ’80s synth pop nostalgia that Hettinger has seemingly mastered and layering it on top of crisp drums and soulful piano.

Ultimately, the track proves that Memoryy is capable of making far more than just sunny summer indie tunes and is a truly versatile musician. The fact that it also has radio hit potential is just an added bonus.


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