04 March 2013

Mashup Monday | Week 135

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Mashup Monday

This week, I opened up submissions to all fans of the Sunset Facebook page. I had to moderate a little bit, because I can’t say I loved all of them, but most of them were total gems. I might have to do that more often, so if you’re a big fan of mashups and want to submit yours/a friend’s/your favorite, keep an eye out on the Facebook page! Hit the jump to see the full collection!

1. Nilson vs Third Party Feat. RHCP – Otherside (3LAU Edit)

3LAU just created an absurd banger out of some Red Hot Chili Peppers for us. If this isn’t one of the bigger party sounds of the hour, I’m not sure what is. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this resurface again on this week’s 5 Best Dance Songs of the Week. Killer job by 3LAU.

2. Dear Vagabond (Freelance Whales x Steve Miller Band x Styx x Wolfmother x The Beatles) -ScottScottScott

There’s an introduction on this song that you can skip by downloading the MP3 file here, but a mashup with Freelance Whales and The Beatles was absolutely necessary to include. Again I find myself a victim of the mashups with the lesser-mashed songs. That is, no Krewella. Despite the copyright infringement, well done, ScottScottScott.

Hit the jump for more mashups!

3. Alive x Just The Girl (Krewella x The Click Five) -The Two Friends Bootleg

And just like that, here’s a mashup that includes Krewella. I couldn’t help myself…it’s fun. And since not much is fun about Monday, it doesn’t hurt to have this in my arsenal, right?

4. Two Songs In A Row (Tom Petty x Green Day x Jessie J x Street Sweeper Social Club x Train x RHCP) – Dr. Brixx

Well damn. This is just a blast from my past! Green Day? Tom Petty? RHCP? How could I not? Mashups don’t all have to be fast bangers, but it sure doesn’t hurt when you put a nice beat to a slower song. Got damn, Dr. Brixx!

5. Reload Your Love (Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash x Fun. x Lady Gaga x Timbaland x RHCP) – Compson Sound

I was telling myself I hated this song right when it started, but then Fun. burst in and I let myself listen. Damn. Back to the bangers, but again…keeping Monday fun, right? Fuck all the haters who said Fun. didn’t deserve a Grammy. I loved that album and still do. Also, apparently it was the trend to include RHCP in all mashups this week!

6. Through the Night [††† + Kavinksy + Lovefoxxx + oOoOO + The SoniXx + Budo + Clipse] – DJ BAHLER

Can we take a second and go back to the idea of a slow mashup? Good God…BAHLER killed it on this one. This seems more like its own song than a Mashup. Really great production here by BAHLER.

7. Gatsby (Mako x Azealia Banks x Spice Girls x Fatman Scoop x Timbaland x DJ Fresh x A-Trak x Kimbra x Matt Foster x Lady Gaga x Hall and Oates x Ke$ha) – Mitch-Mash

Well shit. I’m once again having my mind blown. Damn yall…this wasn’t an easy Monday for me, but I’m really feeling my spirits lifted with these mashups. I hope you’re all as enamored as I am. Nice to meet you, Mitch-Mash.

8. Big City Bottom (Bubba Sparxxx x Dave Matthwws Band x Queen) – Ryan the Temp

Not sure I ever thought I’d hear all of these in one place. Bubba Sparxxx = freshman year of college, partying in Myrtle Beach. Dave Matthews Band = high school…probably some emo phase, or maybe just memories of a high school boyfriend who played guitar for me. Queen = elementary school when the Houston Rockets won the NBA Championship! That’s what you call reopening different chapters of my life!


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