18 December 2012

Mashup Monday | Week 131

posted by: Lydia Daily Specials | Mashup Monday
Mashup Monday

We’re heading into the holiday seasons, and it’s that busy time of the year when all the music bloggers hustle day-in-day-out to put together their Best of the Year lists. That’s what we’ve been up to for the most part around here at the Sunset headquarters (aka the Internet), and we’ve already put out our Best Artists of 2012 and Best Songs of 2012. But while we focus on those big things, let’s not forget the little things. Those things include mashups, which for years now have been able to lift me out of some funks and get me into a groove. Happy Holiday season, folks. Dance on.


1. Weezy We Have Heard On High (Holiday Mashup) – The White Panda

Hell yeah, Weezy! Look at you getting into the Holiday spirit!

2. Goodwill Stunting ( Jay-Z x Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) – Sage Franz

I feel sort of guilty posting this, because my beloved Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s song has been chopped up, but hell..it’s catchy, and that’s what mashups do, right?

3. Decisions (Kenny Chesney v. Outkast) – The Early Mourning

Kenny Chesney? On Sunset? That’s a first. I don’t even have any idea what song that is, but the Outkast overlay is dope, so I’m digging it.

4. Val Get Worse (King Louie x Divine Fits) – The Hood Internet

Tell me this isn’t one of the more badass mashups you’ve heard in a minute. Go ahead. I’m the man, little did he know, I’m the man.

5. I Want The Noise (Public Enemy x Jackson 5) – Adam Bailin

I can groove to this right here.


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