05 November 2012

Mashup Monday

posted by: Lydia Daily Specials | Mashup Monday
Mashup Monday

I don’t mean to let yall down, but I only found two good mashups this week. I went through all submissions and tried to search the web for other quality ones, but wasn’t able to find any. Oh well, quality over quantity is always the answer. So boom, here are your two mashups.


1. “I’m Coming Home” (M83 x P. Diddy ft. Skylar Grey x Bob Marley x 3 Doors Down x Sting x Jamaram x Men at Work x Mighty Mike x Rihanna x Cro) – Mashup-Germany

This one has a lot of elements to it, so at times it gets a little busy, but what I like best about it is that it has a theme: it’s a song about leaving and coming home. Nice work, Mashup-Germany.


2. Fort Mansion (Tupac & Nas x Fort Minor) – Fusion

There’s a super weird section of singing in this mashup, but other than that, pretty smooth mashup. Tupac lives.


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