31 January 2012

Mashup Monday | Jan 30, 2012

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Mashup Monday

Before putting this together, I stopped for a second and tried to figure out what edition of Mashup Monday this is. I thought about it for about 5 seconds, and then immediately stopped and figured that’s not the best use of my time. But if any of you out there want to scroll all the way back in the Mashup Monday category and do the math from there, please be my guest. I’d love to know!

Anyway – apologies for missing a couple Mashup Mondays lately. Turns out Mondays are a pretty busy day of the week. Who knew, huh? Here are some tunes to get you through the week. Oh and did yall know that The Jane Doze are going to be DJ’ing at the Grammy’s this year? That’s pretty awesome, considering the first time I posted their music, they were essentially unheard of.

1. MP3: “When You Know” (Wiz Khalifa x Two Door Cinema Club) – The Two Friends

2. “Five” (Mylo x FreeSol x Justin Timberlake x Calvin Harris x Archie V) – DOSVEC

3. “Lotus Flower Theory” (Wale x Miguel x Washed Out x RAC x Birdy x John Lennon – DJ Fergie Ferg

4. “You Said Forever” (Ratatat x Gotye x Whitney Houston x Broke For Free x Bloc Party x The Shins) – DJ BAHLER*

5. “Hey, Breathe Out” (Britney Spears x Skrillex x Taylor Swift) – The Jane Doze & DJ BAHLER

*This actually goes against a lot of what I’ve been saying lately, which is to avoid remixing a song that’s perfect as it is (hinting at a lot of the songs on this mix), but it’s just such an interesting collection of songs, and so far from the norm of today’s mashups, that I had to post it and see what you guys thought of it.


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