06 August 2012

Mashup Monday

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Mashup Monday

Going Christian Laettner on yall, makin it rain.


1. The Recipe for Paradise (Dr.Dre x Kendrick Lamar x Coldplay x Alt-J) – jellosea ft. audioMimic remix

I’m hooked. Anything with Alt-J is on my radar right now. And how much will you hate me if I say I’m still drawn to Coldplay in mashups? What, a girl can’t admit she was once a high schooler?

2. Drank (Kendrick Lamar x Darude [Candyland Remix]) – DOSVEC

Hope you’re okay with some dubbbb stuff. I’m usually not big on it, but this one is fun.

3. Lonely Hearts [JJAMZ + XXYYXX] -DJ BAHLER

This one is a bit different, which BAHLER was quick to admit on his own, but there’s something magical about it.

4. Illuminate (Florence + the Machine x Eric Prydz x One Direction x Suzanne Vega x Temper Trap) – Compson Sound

I have a friend who might cry when she hears this mashup. That’s all.

5. “Party Rock Tonight” (LMFAO x Rihanna x Lady Gaga x B.o.B x Drake x Maroon 5 x Katy Perry x P!nk) – DJ Tuto

Some of the levels are less than ideal on this one, but I’ve got some party weekends coming up and a track like this is just perfect for that shit.

6. “Rolling Alone” (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman x Matisse & Sadko ft Eva Simons & Erik Hecht) – Eu4ya

Eu4ya has been gracing us with his mashups for weeks in a row now. Loving his stuff, even when I don’t know all the originals in the mashups.

7. Calling 3X (Alesso x Chris Brown) – Edward Jones

if you love to drink, so do we


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