28 February 2012

[Mashup Mixtape] Rick Ross X Bruce Springsteen – Boss vs Boss

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

Our good friends over at P&P sponsored this awesome new mashup mixtape from Jonathon Lee that features two of my favorite bawses. The Big Boss Rick Ross lyrics thrown over the original Boss, Bruce Springsteen? Unbeatable. Jonathon Lee recreates instrumentals combining his own beats and the original instrumentation from Springsteen’s classics “Born to Run,” “Streets of Philadelphia,” “Blood Brothers,” “Secret Garden,” “Murder Incorporated” and “Atlantic City.”

Bruce is one of my all time favorite artists, and I’ve got to give kudos to Lee for using the tracks he did, especially “Streets of Philadelphia” and “Atlantic City.” Something about hearing Ross rap over Clarence Clemons’ beautiful sax is just perfect.

Kinda wish he had sampled “Jungleland,” but an all around awesome concept has been incredibly well executed by Jonathon Lee–I haven’t liked a mashup in a long, long time, but Lee’s cemented the genre as dope and legitimate, if done correctly.

Download “Boss vs Boss”


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