02 June 2012

Marc Goone – Real Hip Hop

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Marc Goone

I received a surprise package in the mail recently from the hip hop artist Marc Goone. I get CDs, tapes and records from artists from time to time, but rarely is there a hand-written note quite as endearing as the one that Marc Goone sent me. After scribbling some nice words about Sunset, Marc introduced me to the thought process behind his album, Halfway to Nowhere. In it, he told me that he “wrote the album at a dark time in [his] life, and [he thinks] most of the songs and the tone of the album reflect that.” Something about that caught my attention. You likely know that I’m a huge Kid Cudi fan, and that’s the path that Cudi took to finding his success, but it also just immediately let me know that I would get to find out just who Marc Goone is through his music.

I admit to being a bit prejudiced to the album from the get-go, worried that I would be hearing from another young white rapper who would sound just like all the others out there. But I started listening and was pleasantly surprised. There were some songs that didn’t speak to me necessarily, but there were others that sounded great. The one I’ve included here, “Real Hip Hop,” was my personal favorite from the album. Over a catchy piano beat, Goone was able to squash all of my preconceived notions of what I expected him to be. Try to label me/ I think we have another/ One size fits all/ Cookie cutter/ Another Mac Miller/ Another Asher Roth/ Another college kid recording on his Macintosh. …Think I’m a frat rapper cause I got a fuckin’ degree? Please. Well shit,¬†Goone. If that aint a callout, I’m not sure what is. I commend you, sir. #HatTip

I’m not totally sure that Goone has found himself completely, and he even admitted that to me in his note. He claims not to be frat rap, and for that I question his decision to feature Mike Stud on his album, but he’s getting somewhere. I’d encourage you to continue blazing your own trail, Goone, and just like you say in a bunch of your songs, don’t feel pressured to follow the trends that the music industry tries to force upon you. You’ll be better off for it. You’re onto something. Stay on track.

MP3: “Real Hip Hop” – Marc Goone


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