01 September 2011

Madeon – Pop Culture [Music Video]

posted by: admin New Music Daily

So, whenever I am bored beyond belief I go through the most watched videos of the day on a site called YouTube, not sure if you have heard of it. Sometimes there is nothing but makeup tutorials and video games, but other times I strike gold. I found a fan-made music video of Madeon’s internet hit”Pop Culture” which is a live mashup he made and put on the site YouTube, the one i referred to earlier. The video is hilarious and the song is one of my favorite mashups I have ever heard, period. Madeon combines 37 of his favorite song’s into one epic tune. Here is the music video and the original live mashup version. I will also throw the MP3 because I love you guys.




MP3: “Pop Culture (Live Mashup)” – Madeon


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