05 August 2015

[MP3 + Lyrics] Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Growing Up

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop era

It doesn’t feel like it with the ubiquity of The Heist, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis haven’t actually given us any new music since 2012. Well, until now.

Macklemore’s daughter, Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty was born on May 29th, and fatherhood has clearly been weighing on him heavily in the ensuing months. He gets a lot off his chest on “Growing Up,” aided by a bluesy, soulful piano-and-guitar beat from Lewis and a gospel-tinged hook fro Ed Sheeran.

The track is tender, honest and emotional, as Macklemore doles out life advice on everything from cheating in class to finding your passion in life. He speaks candidly about the difficulties of fatherhood as a performer living life on the road, and the difficult balancing act he hopes to achieve.

Macklemore also sent a note accompanying the track for context.

When you try to escape yourself, life has an interesting way of creating situations that force you to come back.  To look at who you are.  This is why ‘Growing Up’ felt like the right song to re-emerge with.  It’s where I’ve been the last year, through all the ups and downs.   We didn’t want to do a big campaign or anything over the top with this.  We just wanted to put out good music, directly to the people that have been here since the beginning.  Thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy.”

Fatherhood has been a major theme in hip-hop recently. Chance the Rapper announced just a few weeks ago that he was expecting a child, and claimed the announcement would change the way fans listened to Surfhis latest record.

It remains to be seen if fatherhood is going to turn Macklemore into a softer, gentler artist, but “Growing Up” is certainly a different direction from much of the super speed, fist-pounding rap of tracks like “Can’t Hold Us.”

“Growing Up” isn’t the first single off a new album, just a raw moment of insight that will make even the staunchest “Thrift Shop” haters stop and listen.

A free download link is included below via SoundCloud, and you can read Macklemore’s full letter here.

Check below for the track’s full lyrics:

Verse 1
They say boy’s don’t cry, but your dad has shed a lot of tears
They say I should be a strong man, but baby I’m still filled with fear
Sometimes I don’t know who I am, sometimes I question why I’m here
I just want to be a good dad, will I be, I have no idea
They say girls shouldn’t be tough and mom’s should raise the kids at home
But baby I know that isn’t true because your momma is the toughest person I know
I want to raise you to be like her and watch you show the world how to do it on your own
I’m still trying to figure out who I am, I don’t want to mess this up or do this wrong
I’m gonna be there for your first breath, I don’t know if I’ll be there for your first step
I could promise you that I’ll try and work less, but the tour’s routed and I got this album
Put in so many hours and I just want the outcome to be something that I can look back and I can be proud of
Don’t wanna be a dad that’s living in Facetime, but I got a world to sing to and you at the same time
I won’t spoil you, you can trust that, for your Sweet 16 you get a bus pass
Had your heart broken? Been there, done that. I love you and I can’t give you enough of that
Give back to community that raised you up. Read Langston Hughes, I suggest A Raisin In The Sun
Listen to Sam Cooke ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ you put the work in don’t worry about the praise, my love
Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love and do it every day
Do that for the rest of your life, and eventually the world will change…

I’ll be patient one more month
You’ll wrap your fingers around my thumb
Time’s are changing, I know
But who I am I if i’m the person you become, if I’m still growing up
I’m still growing up…

Verse 2
I recommend that you read The Alchemist, listen to your teachers, but cheat in calculus
Tell the truth regardless of the consequence and every day, give your momma a compliment
Take your girl to the prom but don’t get too drunk hangin’ out the limo
Slow dance with your woman in your arms, sneak her in after, but boy you better tip toe
Don’t wake your mom up, do yoga, learn about karma, find god but leave the dogma
The quickest way to happiness: learning to be selfless. Ask more questions, talk about yourself less
Study David Bowie, James Baldwin, and Tupac. Watch the sunset with best friends from a roof top
Wear a helmet, don’t be stupid. Jay walk, but look before you do it
If it snows, go outside, build a jump, get some help, get a sled, thrash the hill, with your friends, ‘till it melts
Go to festivals, camp, fall in-love and dance, you’re only young once, my loved one, this is your chance
Take risks, cause life moves so fast, you’re only young once, my loved one this is you chance

Chorus (2x)
I’ll be patient one more month
You’ll wrap your fingers around my thumb
Time’s are changing, I know
But who I am I if i’m the person you become, if I’m still growing up
I’m still growing up…


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