19 September 2011

Mac Miller – Face the Facts and Blue Slide Park Release Date/Album Art

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Mac Miller – Face the Facts (prod. DJ Premier)

Blue Slide Park drops 11/8/2011!

Somehow we missed this one on SITR, so let me apologize for that, I try to always post new Mac but this one just slipped through.

Anyways, Premier is far and away one of my favorite producers ever (up there with Dilla, Ye, etc. in my book), and by now you guys know how I feel about Mr. Miller, which is why it’s even more shocking to me that I missed posting this.

But I digress.

Dope, vintage laidback Premo on this beat, and it’s cool to see someone as new school as Mac on one of Prem’s beats.

He definitely does it justice, and Mac definitely knew he had to do it well on this track to live up to Premier:

“When I was 15 it was my dream to work with Preme // He believin’ what I do so now he’s making this beat // and I’m writing these rhymes makin’ sure that I kill it”

Not sure about you guys but I’m getting very, very pumped for Blue Slide Park. Frick Park Market was a dope song in my opinion, and Mac’s shown nothing but progression in my mind…let’s hope this album doesn’t flop like Wiz’s “Rolling Papers.”  Come on, Rostrum!

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