23 September 2011

M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming [Album Review + Stream]

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Hurry Up We're Dreaming Review

M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is the direct result of three years of tireless work by Anthony Gonzalez, and thank God for that. Seriously. Right now. Thank God that Anthony Gonzalez took three years out of his life to create this double-disc masterpiece for us.

MP3: “Intro (ft. Zola Jesus)” – M83

The album is a piece of art. It’s an extravagant and creative look at childhood, imagination, fear, heroism, triumph, friendship, and perhaps most importantly, dreams. It could easily soundtrack Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are movie. Hell, it could be a movie. The main character is you. Today. Right now. Why are you so serious all the time? Why did you let that one event change you? You used to be fun. Remember when we were kids? We used to travel to faraway places through the depths of our imagination. We used to be friends. What happened to us?

MP3: “Reunion” – M83

Parts of Gonzalez’s album (“Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”) take you back there–to the places of childhood, where you traveled on those bright summer days. Back to where the lakes became oceans and the hills became mountains. Other parts of the album focus on the awkward, pent-up energy and angst of adolescence (“Reunion”) and the responsibility and relative shittiness of adulthood (“My Tears Are Becoming A Sea”). The album as whole is life as seen through a very particular lens that Gonzalez chooses to adopt. A world is created before our eyes (or ears?), and half way through our first listen, we realize that it’s our world. Gonzalez is telling us the honest story of our own lives, and he tells it so very eloquently through intricate, multi-layered instrumentation, powerful, atmospheric interludes, luscious, pitch-perfect harmonies, and raw, gut-wrenching vocals.

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is a dream in itself; a dream that we can (re)live in its 72 minute runtime—an imagination replenished.

Thank God for Anthony Gonzalez.

Album Rating: 10/10

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“I heard about this frog, it’s a very tiny frog, but it’s also very special.” -Anthony Gonzalez’s go-to conversation starter

UPDATE: You can now stream the full album here, courtesy of Urban Outfitters.


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