06 August 2012

[Artist Picks] What Music is Ludwig Goransson Listening To?

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Welcome to the 7th Artist Picks feature. This is one of my personal favorite features on Sunset. To refresh your memories, let’s recap what this feature entails. We are asking people, be they artists, listeners, or fans, what they would do if they were stranded on an island with an iPod that held only 10 songs. Which songs would they pick and why? This week we asked Ludwig Goransson, one of Sunset’s favorite emerging producers. If you live like us in the hyperactive world of the Internet, chances are you’ve heard Ludwig’s music somewhere. His resumé is impressive. He is Childish Gambino‘s main producing partner, he also produced Haim‘s catchy debut EP, he dropped a solo EP this year under the Ludovin moniker, and he composes for hit TV shows such as New Girl and Community.

1. Michael Andrews – I’m Not Following You

If I was stranded on an island, I would start listening to something that would help me dream away. Also because I do a lot of film scoring, I feel obligated to choose at least 1 film score song. I heard this song right before I moved to the States, and it changed my perception about what a film score has to be. It opened up my ears to how important it is to have your own voice, and that’s something I really think Michael Andrew has.

2. Loney, Dear – Airport Surroundings

Loney, Dear is one of my favorite Swedish artist right now. I love the dynamics in this song, how it grows and breaths. Also, I love the bass lines, and I think it’s kind of funny that the song sounds like an ’80s action movie in the end.

3. Kurt Rosenwinkel – If I Should Lose You

Kurt Rosenwinkel is and will always be my big idol. His interpretation of “If I Should Lose You” is flawless. Although I love his original songs I chose this one because I love music that makes you feel sentimental and melancholic. If you listen really carefully to his guitar tone, you can hear that he is singing in falsetto at the same time in the background, that’s what creates his unique tone.

4. Beach House – Used to Be

Continuing the feeling of sentimentality and melancholia, I chose the best representable song of those feelings and also my favorite song of 2010. I listened to this album so many times I can’t listen to it anymore, but I’d still choose it as one of my 10 tracks (that’s how much I like it). I also saw Beach House at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010 which was an amazing show.

5. Stina Nordenstam – So Lee

I got introduced to Stina Nordenstam by my sister when I was around 10. I remembered I thought she sounded like a smurf. A few years later I couldn’t stop listen to her. Her voice is so interesting, so whatever she sings her voice will make it sound new and different.

6. Meshuggah – Future Breed Machine

Every now and then I have the urge to listen to really heavy metal, and the only metal band I listen to is Meshuggah. They are the real innovators of metal, and I haven’t heard a band since them that has the ability to make so perfect song structures and arrangements. Meshuggah is the best live band I’ve ever seen, every time I go home after their shows I feel like I got my heart punched to a bloody mess by a double kick drum. Also, blasting Meshuggah in the car ride home from Coachella really helped me to not fall asleep, in other words they kind of saved my life.

7. Jan Johansson – Mellan Branta Stränder

I think this piece is so beautiful and simple it doesn’t need anything else.

8. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

I just started to listen to Beach Boys a couple of years ago. Every time I listen to them I get inspiration for my productions. Even though these songs are recorded over 40 years ago, the production still feels so fresh. I have some very obvious Beach Boys references in my TV scores, especially New Girl.

9. Alexander Rahbari & The Belgian RTV Philharmonic Orchestra – Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring – Part 1: L’adoration de la terre

If I would be left alone on an island, why wouldn’t I have the best piece of music ever created with me? An interesting fact is that the premiere involved one of the most famous classical music riots in history. The intensely rhythmic score and primitive scenario and choreography shocked the audience that was accustomed to the elegant conventions of classical ballet. At the start some members of the audience began to boo loudly. These were soon followed by shouts and fistfights in the aisles.

10. Meek Mill – Amen (ft. Drake & Jeremih)

Meek Mill’s “Amen” goes hard in my iPod right now, I’m such a sucker for that gospel piano. It’s such a perfect beat.


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