04 May 2016

Lucian – Forever (Feat. Remmi)

posted by: Kyle Copier New Music Daily

Lucian has been wowing fans with remixes for a long time, and almost a year after a previous Remmi collaboration, the New York based producer has again linked up with Remmi for another dream team performance in “Forever”, the first single off of the upcoming EP.

From the first second of “Forever”, Remmi (who you’ve heard here before) gives Lucian’s instrumental an ideal vocal companion to rock with, and by the time you’ve even processed the catchiness of Remmi’s vocals, Lucian’s wave of synth-heavy showmanship grabs your attention with just as many marks in authority as those chilled vocals receive in mesmerization. I never knew I could like such brisk changes in feel as much as I did in this track, but the way Remmi lulls the listener to sleep before Lucian hits them over the head with a barrage of sound works just that well.

Check out “Forever” here!

Kyle Copier


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