05 November 2015

Louis Vivet – Best Thing (feat. Gavrielle)

posted by: Nathan New Music Daily
louis vivet

In history, Louis Vivet is known as one of the first patients diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, better known as bipolar disorder, but the modern-day duo of Nick and Aria seem to have a firm grasp of who they are as artists. Armed with a strong sense of sound design, Louis Vivet has been steadily making waves in Los Angeles’ burgeoning dance scene with their ability to seamlessly move between genres like indie, electronic, and pop, and their talents are on full display on “Best Thing.”

Teaming up with the immensely talented songstress, Gavrielle, for the third time, “Best Thing” is arguably Louis Vivet’s most well-produced track to date. A beautiful, slowly building synth progression opens the track before peeling back the curtain to reveal Gavrielle’s stunning vocals painted over Louis Vivet’s signature downtempo house backbone.

With “Best Thing,” Louis Vivet have continued to show off their penchant for blending past with present and future, as the synth progressions and catchy vocals are reminiscent of an old-school progressive house anthem infused with just the right touch of indie goodness to give it some serious vibes.


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