19 January 2016

[Interview] Lostboycrow Releases New EP “Sigh For Me”

posted by: Jordan Interviews | New Music Daily

Lostboycrow has been on Sunset’s radar for a while now. He’s currently one of our favorites to lead us into the 2016 music year. With first making waves on Sunset back in April of 2015, the music in which he describes as happy, sad, sexy, and dance, began when he made Los Angeles his new home and was fortunate enough to record a few songs with his good pal, Dylan (Flor). From there on, Lostboycrow was born. One of the first things we asked him was why Lostboycrow? Is there any significance to the name?

“I wanted the name to reflect the sentiment behind all of the art I create, a banner I could hold above every song and feel good about. It’s about having a vision and telling a story; “Lostboycrow” comes from the legend of The Lost Boy told by the Crow Nation – a people whose culture is centered on both of those things. I feel close to them and they inspired me to create and dream with others.”

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview and EP!

Sunset is quite fond of Skizzy Mars, and Jon Waltz. I’d be lying if I wasn’t surprised when I opened up the EP to see both of their names as featured artists. In regards to Skizzy Mars, if you follow him on Twitter, you can tell he’s an interesting individual that puts his heart into music that is reflective of his life. Which is why this collaboration makes sense. Skizzy was able to see the direction of “The Lost Boy,” and helped take the song to a place that Lostboycrow couldn’t have done himself. We’ve seen plenty of times when relationships are inspirations to an artists music. It’s easy for them to put it into words, and it’s easy for fans to resonate with. A specific relationship is what inspired “Sigh For Me.”

“A sigh can mean a myriad of emotions and I want people to feel all of them. Whether it’s a sigh of relief, euphoria, or complete desolation: feel something.”

2016 will be a pivotal year for a new group of artists. One of them includes Lostboycrow. We have high expectations for him, and fully expect him to exceed them (no pressure!). He’s a big fan of making music with friends, so he hopes to become friends with The Game and Chance The Rapper in 2016.  Thus far, it’s been a pretty cool ride for him to make music he wants to make with fans having a great reaction to what he’s doing.

“Art is communication so it’s incredible to know that I’m able to communicate and resonate with people. It’s so much more inspiring to make art knowing that.”

What’s next for Loystboycrow? Disneyland. Seriously. And I think I can say this for everyone in that we’re jealous. He’s just as excited for 2016 as we are, as the current plans are to go on tour, and to shoot some videos. You can stream the entire EP below.


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