15 February 2013

Lorde – Royals

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Lorde, a young artist from New Zealand, is a new player in the game of female singers, so immediately she’s presented with a challenge: sound different. So many female singers today sound the exact same, which is why somebody like Ellie Goulding stands out – her voice is different. It’s not even all that great, but it’s different, and the instrumentals are pretty incredible. Lorde has a great voice, and while I can’t say it sounds like something I’ve never heard before, her sound as a whole is new and refreshing. In “Royals,” she might as well be singing a hipster rap song, and you’ll notice that the instrumentals are very minimal. It’s less about the beat, more about the vocals. It’s pretty stunning, really.

Also of note is that Lorde is only 16 years old. Four years ago, at age 12, Universal stumbled across a school video of Lorde, birth name Ella, singing. So what’d they do? They met with her parents to express interest in signing her onto their label. The girl wasn’t even old enough to represent herself first. But, sure enough, she was signed. Now, four years later, I’m finding out about her, and I’m incredibly impressed. Watch out for this girl; she’s onto something.

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