23 September 2013

[Album Stream] Lorde – Pure Heroine

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

It’s hard to believe that one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year might be that of a 16-year-old teen whose name meant nothing to us a year ago. Lorde has climbed to where she is faster than perhaps any artist I’ve seen make it since I started blogging in 2008. It hit me when I got into a car with a 50+ year old Lyft driver who asked me who my favorite artist was at the time. I almost thought to just lie and say somebody like Jimi Hendrix so at least he’d know who I was talking about, but I went with the moral and truthful answer and said Lorde, only expecting to get a “huh…haven’t heard of her,” like I typically do I when I talk about artists I love. I was wrong. He said, “Oh, I know her. I heard her song on the radio the other day.” I could hardly believe it. Until I stopped and thought about what was really happening: the radio is actually picking up on “indie” artists whose music is actually worth listening to. It happened with The Neighbourhood, lately, and now it’s happening with Lorde. And honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

Anywho, her albumĀ Pure Heroine, is out to stream today and it’s brilliant. Take a listen. And hit the jump for the full tracklist.


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Pure Heroine Tracklist:

01 Tennis Court
02 400 Lux
03 Royals
04 Ribs
05 Buzzcut Season
06 Team
07 Glory And Gore
08 Still Sane
09 White Teeth Teens
10 A World Alone


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