02 February 2013

Local Natives – Hummingbird

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Powder in your hair/Staples in your jeans/Fireworks at the water/You were holding a styro-foam cup held between your teeth/Telling me how you’re going to outlive your body

I keep coming to this conclusion that the Local Natives are able to create a completely distinct and unique musical atmosphere. It’s a ridiculously vague statement to make, so I’ll explain. Hummingbird, like Gorilla Manor, has an incredible depth of sound; it creates its own echo. When you read a great book, it’s the same effect, a three-dimensionality that instantly manifests itself with each sentence, or each verse, or each chorus. There are crescendos of emotion that you can track across multiple tracks on the album, and there are repeating elements that rattle your bones. It seems like you could actually dive into the song, if you got the chance. It’s that kind of literal physical depth transposed into a piece of music that comprises the atmosphere of this album. It fills all your senses; it’s music that has a taste and a smell and a feel. The lyrics are stand-alone poetry (especially in “Heavy Feet,” as Lydia linked to on this fabulous post), not mere crippled words hanging onto the powerful expanse of the music, and the fusion between the two moving elements makes both even stronger.

I know I’m talking in really sweeping sentences here, but that’s just how this album makes me feel. All gooey and poetic, or whatever. But seriously, this album is a MUST-listen. I tried to find a good video to show you guys, and I found the one below. As a wise YouTube user points out, this is the instrumental on “Colombia.”

Best tracks: Colombia, Heavy Feet, Three Months



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