08 July 2011

Live: Tristen (100Bands #65)

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What’s Left: 59 Days. 36 Bands.

Band #65: Tristen

When/Where: June 22nd, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Expectations: I didn’t even know the main band, I definitely don’t know these guys.

Concert: I made my way to Local 506 for the first time, and arrived just as Tristen Gaspadarek picked up her ukulele and promised to “make it sparkle” for us. As a stranger to Tristen’s music, at first glance I expected her to be a folk singer, however, Tristen’s music turned out to be much more indie-pop, or maybe as she describes it: “neo-traditionalist pop.”

Before every song, Tristen starts up her handy-dandy drum machine which supplies each song with a simple beat behind her undeniably powerful vocals. Add in some live instrumentals and Tristen and her “band” orchestrate these wonderful pieces of music that (if I had known the words) are lovely to sing along to. During her performance, I imagined myself listening to her while riding around in the car, folding laundry, or writing a paper; her music is easy on the ears, and there’s something truly organic and therapeutic about her sound.

Besides wanting to listen to Tristen on a 24/7 loop, she’s one of those acts that makes me want to be her best friend as well. In addition to engaging the crowd during her songs, she was able to entertain us with quick one liners between tunes. Her matter-of-fact sense of humor kept the audience hanging on to her every word, “This song is about babies on drugs. It’s called baby drugs.” After her set, I even got a chance to chat her up by the merchandise, and she’s as nice as she seems on stage. Tristen is an all around lovable artist.

Concert Afterglow: I wish I was in a band like Tristen’s. Just kidding, what I really wish is that I had one of those drum machines to follow me around while I walk down the street.

Recommendation: If Tristen ever makes her way out to LA, I’ll probably try to see her again. In addition to an amazing pair of lungs, she’s super friendly and funny. I’d definitely recommend buying a CD (she even has vinyl!) or seeing a show.

Written by Ambrielle (Blog | Twitter).


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