27 October 2012

Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club

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Two Door Cinema Club live at the Fox Theater Oakland - Andi Pimentel

There are three things you need to know about me:

  1. I registered to vote at Outside Lands music festival
  2. For my birthday my boyfriend bought me a Jambox instead of jewelry
  3. I am obsessed with Spotify

Spotify does so many things and it does them well. Spotify allows me to have the same playlist on 700 devices including my Ring Pop and IKEA clock, it gives me an excuse to bully my friends into following my Good Life playlist (yeah, you click that), and it introduced me to Two Door Cinema Club.

I went from hearing them once on Spotify Radio to becoming a loyal fan in a matter of 21 hours. In my opinion, Two Door is hipster music for everyone. I like it. My friends like it. My parents like it. My little sister likes it. My boss likes it. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it.

I was stoked to see them play at Fox Theater in Oakland on October 23rd. So much so that I begged my boyfriend to celebrate our 3-year anniversary with tickets to the show and proceeded to invite all of our friends. It was one big anniversary party (registry is at Williams Sonoma, in case you wanted to send something).

The show kicked off with an incredible light show that maintained throughout. Someone evidently spent days blueprinting ways for the stage to come alive and whoever you are: luminescent job buddy. Nicely done. I usually don’t notice stuff like that but I was mesmerized by the exploding spots of green, rays of silver, and blue meteor shower.

I had heard some of Two Door’s live recordings (thank you Spotify) and was already aware that their live performances aren’t quite as crisp as their studio recordings can be. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away; I just wanted a good time (that’s what he said). I was right. They didn’t bring the same sort of clean sound on stage, but their lyrics, energy, and lightshow (again, awesome) more than made up for it. There were definitely aspects that would have enhanced the experience (more interaction with the crowd and maybe a shout out for me to come on stage) but quite frankly, the crowd didn’t mind. No one cared they couldn’t hear what Alex Trimble was saying to his fans (we already know we’re awesome and you couldn’t have done this without us, thank you, thank you). No one cared the sound was not as well-groomed as they were used to. From the moment Two Door opened with Sleep Alone – my personal fav – to the moment they closed with What You Know, 95% of the crowd was dancing with the intention of pulling a butt muscle. The other 5% was venue staff.

Which brings me to the last thing you need to know about me:
4. I’m going to be Sam Halliday for Halloween.


[Review written by Sunset Guest Writer Andi Pimentel]


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