16 January 2011

Live: Gray Young (100Bands Review #34)

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What’s Left: 228 Days. 66 Bands.
Band #34: Gray Young

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When/Where: January 12th, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC
Expectations: I don’t know much of local band Gray Young’s music, but I’m expecting an energetic show.

Concert: The house was fairly empty when Gray Young took the stage, as they were the first of three acts for the night. Gray Young consisted of three band members: a drummer, a bass guitarist, and the lead singer/guitarist. Their music, in my mind, can best be described as easy-listening rock music. They were a bit reminiscent of the latest songs I’ve heard by Cage The Elephant.

To be honest, I think I would rather listen to Gray Young on my speakers. The performance seemed a bit too forced. That’s hard for me to say, because I always like to see artists PERFORM rather than just stand up there and play their music, but I think Gray Young took it a step too far. The atmosphere didn’t really call for getting down on two knees while playing the guitar, though the heavy use of reverb would make it seem so. I just think it was a bit too forced and intense. Perhaps if Gray Young gathers a large crowd of hardcore fans, that will be successful, but for the time and place, it seemed off-putting.

Concert Afterglow: The music was enjoyable, but I wasn’t sad when the next band took the stage.

Recommendation: Don’t give up on Gray Young, but if you’re going to see them live, make sure they’re the headliner and the house is full.

Song: “Meridian (Picture” – Gray Young (mp3 via Mann’s World)

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