Download Hurt Everybody’s Self-Titled Debut EP

New Hurt Everybody!

Hurt Everybody is the perfect name for this trio from Chicago. Supa Bwe, Carl, and Mulatto Beats are out to hurt anybody and everybody standing in the way of their success. I think in general I try to listen to music that moves me, and this is that at the moment. There’s a controlled desperation in Supa Bwe and Carl’s voices. They make you feel what they feel, and that’s a powerful tool. It also doesn’t… hurt that the 14-track EP features Chicago favorites like Alex Wiley, Kembe X, Mick Jenkins, and Saba.

EP Highlights:

Hurt (Intro), Transmissions (Warning and Contact), Treat Me Caucasian, Scratched, In Seoul, Slept All Day, and Beauty (Outro)



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[Video] OnCue – This View From Here

New OnCue!

The goal of an experienced artist on the come up is to just try and make something undeniable. That’s what “This View From Here” is. The first single from OnCue‘s highly anticipated Angry Young Man is a statement. Watching the video, you see the hunger in Cuey’s eyes, and that desire is not lost on the music. The song is a gripping proclamation–a declaration of the driving force behind all fine art. Above all, it is a manifesto to the unfuckwithable feeling of chasing your dreams, struggling, and then making your dreams a reality. At the end of the video, the release date for Angry Young Man is shown.

September 3rd. Mark your calendars.


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Stream I Love Makonnen’s Strangely Amazing Self-Titled EP

New I Love Makonnen!

I Love Makonnen is refreshing, different, unique, etc. I mean, don’t you guys get frustrated listening to the same 20 songs on the radio? I feel so jaded about music these days because nothing surprises me. Except I Love Makonnen surprises me. Allan Kingdom surprises me. Jon Waltz surprises me. Kevin Abstract surprises me. This 7-track project features grounded, structured songwriting but with vibrant, experimental vocals. Makonnen’s voice bends and swerves around these bass heavy instrumentals. The songs are funny and depressing at the same time and challenge the listener to look dumb now but like, cool in the future. ‘Cause you know, I think this EP is about two years ahead of its time.



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Listen to Drake’s OVO Sound Signee Majid Jordan’s Debut Single

New Majid Jordan!

You probably remember opening that freshly packaged, mint condition .zip file of Nothing Was The Same on leak day and noticing a strange name smushed between parenthesis next to the title “Hold On, We’re Going Home” in your horrendously unorganized iTunes library*. That name was Majid Jordan. In a post last year, I, like you, asked the question, “Who is Majid Jordan?” And now in the middle of a strange summer, we receive an answer. “A Place Like This” is the duo’s highly anticipated debut track. Appearing first on the October’s Very Own blog, the song is a lofty R&B fare with semi-annoying perfect pop pomp and just enough experimental flourish to keep you interested. I enjoy it. The video doesn’t quite convey the feeling, but listening to the track, I imagine the empty feeling of being at a party where you are way too drunk to have fun and know no one there.

*Okay, I realize that song was a single, but the intro sounds too good to cut. Sorry.


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Vanic x machineheart – Circles


Vancouver-native Vanic recently teamed up with machineheart to create this super refreshing track simply named “Circles.” Delicately blending contemporary genres of pop and trap, the collaboration breeds feel-good vibes that will have nodding your head all day long.

From machineheart:

“Circles ventures into this whole idea about making the best out of your situation. It’s a reminder that when you face resistance or difficulty, you’ll want to have people around you who are going to remind you of what your intentions were in the first place”

Watch the summer-friendly video below, and stream the track as well.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Silver Car Crash

New Tape Tuesday!

I can’t have many more summers like this. Silver Car Crash is the result of that realization and the looming issue I refuse to face that is my future. I know what I am about to say about ideas is ironic considering this cover, title, and paragraph are a direct result of my ideas, but I don’t feel like I do enough with my ideas. Here’s why. In the perfect world, everyone shares their best ideas, and from that grand mixing pot of people’s best ideas, the absolute best idea is selected as the concept for a product. But in the world we live in, the best idea doesn’t always win, so we learn to conform. We learn to adjust our ideas to fit with old ideas. In essence, we are constantly updating the second or third best idea, and no matter how much we update that idea it will never match the potential of the absolute best idea. iPhone 5s are a good reference for this process. It is backwards and terrible, so that’s why a frustrated, young thinker invented art (probably) because there is no “best” art; there are many “best” art(s). I don’t really know the point of this. I just know that I enjoy using art as the medium for sharing my ideas because the real world is horrifying, and there’s no reason why the best idea shouldn’t always win. But the fact that I enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s right, and as I type this I am realizing that I need to start sharing more ideas outside of a safe, cushioned context and face this shit head on in a silver car crash. Okay, that was corny. But hey, I said the title, so it had to feel at least a little validating after reading all the crap I wrote above. Sorry. Don’t conform, and be brave.
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