Wretch 32 – Alright With Me (Feat. Anne-Marie & PRGRSHN)

Taken from Wretch's facebook.

Ever since FIFA Street, new Wretch 32 music has been something that has always gotten me pumped up, and Wretch’s upcoming release, “Alright With Me”, is no exception.

My favorite thing about Wretch’s music is that he seems more and more like a professor in the game every day. Every new track he releases leaves me confused as to whether I should be bobbing my head or taking notes, and it seems like the answer is usually somewhere in-between. In this track, Wretch combines his usual veteran savvy with one of my favorite flows he’s ever put out, and Anne-Marie’s vocals fit perfectly.

“Alright With Me” is due out December 4th, and you can pre order on iTunes right now.

-Kyle Copier


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[Video + Lyrics] YONAS – This Goes Out To You


My guy, YONAS, drops the third single from us upcoming EP, Going Places. Appropriately titled ”This Goes Out To You” is for all the fans who’ve been there since day one, constantly supporting his music, no matter what. This is his way of giving back. I’ve been riding with YONAS ever since his “The Proven Theory” days, which is one of my favorite projects ever. I know tomorrow is #TBT, but today, for a throwback, go check out his “Pumped Up Kicks” remix if you aren’t familiar. Lyrics after the jump!

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Radical Something – Paradise In You (Young Bombs Remix)


Last month, we premiered Radical Something’s “Paradise In You”. Young Bombs is here to give us a little remix of Radical Something’s infectious tune. Could a song get any more infectious? A little more mellow, while making me want to get groovy, all at the same-damn-time. How does he do it! Check out the remix below.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Speculators

New Tape Tuesday!

The surprise album drop has been a popular trend for the past couple of years. I think the concept is a boatload — maybe ever many boatloads — of fun. The problem is it often keeps music media in the dark, and music media doesn’t like being in the dark. This forces them to speculate a lot. As a result music media has been flat out wrong more this year than any other year in its history.

How many times recently have you seen Pitchfork or Fader report false information and then apologize for it? The answer is way too many times, but the media is a reflection of the people. We are the worst speculators of all. We are constantly speculating on Twitter — like 24/7. It’s all we do. Bro, one of Drake’s… friends… instagrammed… fake artwork of a Drake-Future collab, and people lost their shit. Now, that rumor happened to be true, but as this constant speculation transforms into obsession, it becomes a totally unhealthy behavior.

Speculators is a 21-track tape. The original idea for the tape came from 19th century oil speculation à la There Will Be Blood. Somewhere along the way it morphed into the rant above. With this tape I made an effort to include more indie rock songs, like the older Tape Tuesdays.

There are so many discoveries on this one. I hope you take the time to listen.

Now I could die today and the world won’t change, so I’m not ready



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Love Thy Brother – Higher Love ft. Jason Gaffner

love thy brother higher love

It’s truly amazing to see how much music changes as the seasons change. Summer can be characterized by the sun-soaked instruments and uplifting melodies of genres like tropical house and the newly-minted sub-genre, melodic house, while winter features grittier builds, thumping drops, and heady synths more fitting for old-school warehouse raves, rather than these present-day music festivals. Spring offers a distinct mixture of the soaring melodies of summer and edge-y synth work of winter, but with a kiss of sunshine, while fall seems to offer a sound best described as change, more fitting for feelings of nostalgia and quiet reflection – much like the season itself.

For years, fall has been the season of reflection and being thankful of our present situations by showing appreciation for our past, and Love Thy Brother have done just that with their cover of Steve Winwood’s classic, “Higher Love.” There is no way to overstate the impact that Winwood has had on the music industry, and subsequently dance music, as his music has inspired the likes of legendary artists like DJ Falcon, Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk), and Eric Prydz.

On their modern day cover of “Higher Love,” Love Thy Brother showcase their distinct style of house and techno while tabbing LA singer, Jason Gaffner, for vocals. Gone on the track is the bright horns and feel-good vibe of the original, and in its place, Love Thy Brother intricately weaves a web of big, pulsing bass lines and complex, yet evolving, percussion arrangements alongside Gaffney’s soaring top-line to turn the 80s classic into a modern-day hit.

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[Premiere] Khary – Ambidextrous [MP3 + Lyrics]

Khary single premiere

Providence, RI isn’t exactly a hip-hop hotbed, but when you have MCs as gifted as Khary you only need a few to get on the map. His Swim Team EP dropped last year, and Khary turned heads with his outstanding wordplay and top notch production.

His latest single, “Ambidextrous,” premiering right here on Sunset in the Rearview, proves that the artist formerly known as Khary Durgans has only gotten better since then.

Over a deconstructed jazz beat, Khary spits quotable after quotable, showing off not just his writing ability but also his skilled delivery and songwriting talent.

The instrumental from Tedd Boyd is understated in the best way, providing Khary the perfect backbone to shine on the mic.

A pure rapper with charisma to spare, Khary is gearing up for the release of his next record Intern Aquarium that is sure to be another win for the captain of the swim team.

Check out the lyrics to “Ambidextrous” after the jump. Trust us, you don’t want to miss a line.

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