[Sunset Mixtape] Notes on Improving the Universe

New Sunset Mixtape!

I recently finished Ashlee Vance’s authorized biography of Elon Musk, CEO/founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The book paints a detailed portrait of an extremely smart and determined man, who cares less about making money and more about impacting the world in a positive way. His driving motivator, the one that causes him to work most hours of the day, is to make humankind a multi-planetary species and to give us the tools to shift our energy consumption to clean energy. The idea of working toward a larger goal, such as Elon’s, is fascinating to me: not working to live, not working to make as much money as possible, but, rather, working to improve the universe. And it is not about winning some make-believe competition of who can be the noblest lad in all the land; there’s a fundamentality to it.

We have “x” number of years to live and reproduce →

Our planet has a laundry list of unresolved problems, and our species is confined to it →

So, let’s improve Earth for future generations, while reducing our dependence on Earth (for future generations).

Ironically, I also learned that, with hard work and proper execution, big money often follows such ambitious purpose. There is not a shortage of big thinkers, there is not a shortage of money, but there is a shortage of people willing to assume large risk for an abstract but basic idea.

NOTE: The SoundCloud mix is missing track 12 (“O&D” by Louis Val). Original image by Spencer Tunick.



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Sonder – Too Fast


Atu, Dpat, and Brent Faiyaz are the team of talented musicians that make up Sonder. “Too Fast” is their latest release and it’s one that’ll take you to another place. As the track starts, there’s a feeling of gloominess that’s shown through a certain type of simplicity. The vocals bring the tenderness and emotion to an already deep vibe which leads to a flawless combination of sounds. There’s something special about this one and you’ll feel it when you turn it on in an empty, dark room (trust us). Take a listen to the r&b track below and keep an eye out for more from Sonder.

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Temptress – Guilty Pleasure


There’s nothing guilty about Temptress‘ new single “Guilty Pleasure”, in fact, it’s completely addictive and we’ll scream that on the top of rooftops. The fabulous duo may not be widely known yet, but with catchy tracks like this they’re bound to reel in plenty of new followers. This particular track has r&b vibes with tender pop sounds, a combination that’s irresistible and completely catchy. We promise this chorus will not leave your head anytime soon and that’s only after one listen. Check out the memorable single from Temptress below!

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Oh, Be Clever – Mad World (Tears for Fears Cover)

Mad World OBC Cover

Cover songs present a slew of issues-from trying to make an original song sound original again to avoiding sounding different just for the sake of sounding different- and somewhere in the midst of those issues lies some sort of a sweet spot, a sweet spot Utah superduo Oh, Be Clever have set up shop in for the entirety of their cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World”.

From the onset, singer Brittney Shields’ voice (which I have at this point given up trying to find more superlatives for) takes up a haunting tone to pair with Producer/Writer Cory Layton’s ideal as always soundscape while the record presents a caressing yet cold tone. The contrast between the lullaby-like tone of Shields’ vocals and the dark lyrics she recites captures the essence of the song in ideal fashion.

Layton’s work on the instrumental gives new life to the record. The grim overall sound of the instrumental plays out at a slower pace than the original, lending to that aforementioned contrast as well.

Listen to “Mad World” here:

-Kyle Copier


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Dune – You Got Me


If you’re a fan of  Disclosure and SBTRKT, we’ve got a little something for you. Dune, an electronic act from Paris consisting of one half of Saje, recently released a debut EP and it’s one that’ll fill your electro-pop needs. “You Got Me” is a standout track with its chill yet catchy vibe. The lyrics take you to another place,”Time for crazy action/ You could be my passion/ I don’t need perfection“, and display what its like to want someone, imperfections and all. Dune knows how to hook us and there’s no exception when it comes to the rest of the Leos EP. For now check out “You Got Me” and dive into the rest when you’re done (you’ll want to!)

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[Video + MP3] Joey Aich Releases New Video & Feature

joey aich

Joey Aich gives his latest, GED 7249, the visual treatment with a unique concept that accompanies the track fairly well. Joey continues to grow as an artist, flexing his abilities over a smooth backdrop in what proves to be an easy listen. GED 7249 is off of his forthcoming project, If Money Grew on Trees, due out towards the end of 2016, early 2017. In the meantime, take in the visuals, and check out Joey’s latest feature (where he sends the instrumental to the ER) below!

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