Garrickson – Floating Around


It’s autumn and it’s about that time when we all get those tender, deep feelings (goodbye bright summer sun, we loved you). So, how we do bring our souls at ease during these breezy days? A little bit of quiet, chill music usually does the trick. This time around we have a new artist that’ll have you feeling warm and fuzzy inside (you know, in the way that Frank Ocean does). Garrickson is a Dallas-based soulful pop artist that has us hooked with his latest tune “Floating Around”. There are no bells and whistles to this one, it’s just a simple, yet irresistible r&b track. You can get lost and check out the smooth sound below.

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GoldLink – Rough Soul (Feat. April George)


If you’re looking for some soul on a Thursday, GoldLink and April George have enough smooth vibes for all of us. GoldLink has been on fire since the release of his album And After That, We Didn’t Talk and hasn’t stopped since. “Rough Soul” is another chapter of GoldLink’s love story, which always makes for some of his best work. The track may be about heartbreak and connections lost, but its chill sound gives the impression that everything will be okay in the end– that’s how life works, right? Check out GoldLink and April George’s special collaboration below.

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[Sunset Mixtape] It’s Not That Serious

New Sunset Mixtape!

There have been a lot of weird, laughable moments in 2016 — a lot of overreactions over tweets and the like. A root cause of these reactions is people taking themselves way too seriously. The world is full of big problems, and little things seem to irritate people and consume their daily thoughts. In music, too, you feel people driving themselves crazy with their own seriousness. The reason so many people get into music is, of course, for self-expression, but also to entertain. It is easy to forget that, and important to remind yourself. It’s not that serious. You might want it to be, but it’s really not. Just have fun with it while it lasts.

NOTE: The SoundCloud mix is missing track 4 (“Moon II” by Louis Val) and track 16 (“Movie Screens” by Rory Fresco). Original image by Damon Casarez for NYT.



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Jess Kent – The Sweet Spot

jess kent

If your hearts flutter thinking about artists like M.I.A. and Santigold, we may have the artist that’ll be your new best (music) friend. Jess Kent is an Australian artist that has that quirky edge that’ll get you hooked within seconds. “The Sweet Spot” is her second single and it oozes coolness without even really trying to. It has a funky vibe that’ll remind you of the artists we mentioned earlier, but it’s definitely no imitation. Jess Kent is here to bring a new freshness to the female pop game and we are all in. Check out “The Sweet Spot” below and keep your eyes peeled for more from this up and coming gem.

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Computer Magic – Gone For The Weekend

Comp Magic

NY based act, Computer Magic aka Danielle Johnson, produces shadowy synth pop in the vein of New Young Pony Club, YACHT and other early bloghouse pioneers. Danielle’s music is a fixture in Japanese advertisements and has also caught on stateside with taste-makers like Rookie, NOISEY and Wonderland. “Gone For The Weekend” is a fanciful taste of what you can expect to hear on her forthcoming release, “Obscure But Visible” – due out October 7th.

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[EP Stream] Soulnoise – Future


“Down in a Minute,” the second track on Chicago-based Soulnoise’s debut EP Future plays almost like a recap of what’s brought the city to the musical  mainstream over the last few years. There are sharp bars, a soulful sax solo, and rich, complex guitar that add flavor to the song’s killer hook and pristine drums.

On Future, the group succeed in blending their vast influences into a project that is easy to connect with emotionally and still feels distinct. So many artists nowadays blend genres that trying to distill too many into a single project can leave a group without a country so to speak, but the rock edge and consistently stellar guitar helps ground Soulnoise.

“Take Me Over” is a powerful tell-all that focuses as much on battling substance abuse as it does one’s own anxieties and inner demons. The trap-tinged drums create a grittiness that’s well-suited for the varied talents of both MC Jamal Gaines and singer Jonah McGowan.

All in all, Future is focused and purposeful, a strong mission statement from a group with real talent and serious aspirations.

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