Electric Guest – Oh, Devil


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a whopping five years since Electric Guest released their debut album Mondo. What took so long? Apparently, they had an album ready, scrapped it, and now here we are. Plural is officially out to the world and we’re happy they took their time with this one. “Oh, Devil” is one of the standout tracks on Plural with its infectious undeniable pop vibe. It’ll quickly get you tapping your feet (or just letting it all out with killer dance moves). Electric Guest stays true to the sound we came to love from the band, but doesn’t fall short of keeping us excited. Check out a taste with “Oh, Devil” and don’t forget to spin Plural for your indie-pop needs.

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Is 2017 The Year of NoMBe?


NoMBe is gearing up for the release of his debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, which is an album dedicated to all those women that have helped shape, and influence the artist that NoMBe is today. From his godmother, to high school crushes, all this music is derived from real life experiences.

In 2015, NoMBe released “California Girls”, which I still listen to on a regular basis. That was the first taste of the genre-bending artist. A couple weeks back, NoMBe let out “Wait.” Showcasing his vocals over a soothing guitar line, “Wait” is powerful in it’s simplicity. A few days ago, NoMBe released “Young Hearts.” Contrary to “Wait,” “Young Hearts” is more of a story told through the production, revealing the ups and downs of being young, and in love. You can find “Wait” and “Young Hearts” stream below.

This is the year of NoMBe. His work is incredible in all facets in the way he tells his story. Join us over the next year, as he intends to give away the entire album, one story at a time.

Bonus! Below is the music video for “Young Hearts.”

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Lostboycrow – Verona


Lostboycrow is high up on my list for artists to watch out for in 2017. With a strong 2016 behind us, we start out his 2017 with the release of “Verona,” which acts as the first single from his upcoming EP due out later in Spring. With Verona being the setting to Shakespear’s “Romeo, and Juliet,” Lostboycrow creates a light, uptempo backing to the obstacles that lie ahead in love. Music is cool.

Bonus! Check out the acoustic version of his pop hit, “Stay a Little Longer.”

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Stevie Talks – Polyanna


Stevie Talks is open about the origins of “Polyanna.” Ever had a relationship where you knew it was awful for you, but you were blinded? Then, when it’s all said and done, you realize how much you can’t tolerate that person? “Polyanna” paints that picture perfectly for you, as quoted by Stevie “I wrote this song about a girl I cannot stand.” He probably took the words right out of your mouth, but regardless, “Polyanna” has a feel good vibe to it, so enjoy!

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{Live Review} The Knocks Make SF Feel Good Feel Great

The Knocks Feel Good Feel Great Tour

NYC based electronic duo The Knocks brought much needed sunshine and summertime to rainy SF last night.  The disco-funk duo engineered an epic dance party, ushering wallflowers to the center of the dance floor via their latest EP Testify.

As a first time Knocks-goer, the only thing I knew to expect for certain was dancing and good vibes.  To my surprise, I truly feel like I witnessed happiness materialized.  One of my favorite things about live music is that it’s created this shared outlet for people to feel or escape or reflect- something we could all use a bit more of given the current state of the world. JPatt and B-Roc have clearly made it their mission to unite their fans and enable them to (feel good) feel great, albeit for just a night.

The show itself delivered a steady dose of energy throughout, taking fans through songs off of Comfortable, 55 and their new EP Testify, which dropped on February 3rd.   My personal highlights (outside of picking up one or two new dance moves) all came from their new EP,  where I feel the duo has really established their sound and allowed unique, up and coming artists to complement it. New songs  ”Heat,” ”Trouble” and “Worship” show a clear evolution of the duo’s sound to more dreamy & seductive compositions, while still maintaining their signature positivity and upbeat nature throughout. Witnessing the crowd’s response these jams makes me excited to see what’s next for both the duo and the artists featured on these tracks.

Dust off those dancing shoes & check out the full EP below!





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[Premiere] Marshall Sinclaire – Hydraulics

Marshall Sinclaire Press Photo 1

When you think of Oklahoma, virtuosic rap may be the last thing that comes to mind but Tulsa-based Marshall Sinclaire is primed to put his State on the map. His new subwoofer suited single “Hydraulics” offers up the slow-burning, late night vibes of classic Nas and Tech N9ne, bucking the the current trend of unintelligible, bubblegum trap. While the tracks first few stanzas finds the MC gaining his footing, it isn’t long before he is off to the races and delivering a stellar second verse with ninja-like wordplay and progressive storytelling. The compelling lyrics are complimented by a wicked, notched down hook that bounces along beautifully to the dark piano notes and wicked sub bass line. “Hydraulics” is one of the many excellent cuts from Sinclair’s new album, noth(k)ing, out later this month.

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