atOlla – Ayapaneco

retro atOlla

Citing Crystal Castles and Neon Indian as major influences, Sydney duo atOlla produce deep-sea trip hop that sounds like Phantagram on codeine.  “II. Ayapaneco” comes on strong with its pancake beat and jelly swamp bass swells. Add the haunting vocals of Matilda Stephanie Paget and the fantastical production nuances of collaborator James Santos and you have a pretty intoxicating brew of gothic Electronica.

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Oswald – Sea Full of Sharks

Ride Cover

San Francisco based rapper Oswald is releasing his debut EP, Ride, on the 14th of this month. The young rhyme-slinger made a splash this past September by dropping the extremely unique single “Sea Full of Sharks” into the blogosphere via a Premiere on The Music Ninja. The song features Oswald’s signature impassioned flow, paired with the delectable vocals of Canadian songstress Hannah Georgas. Both artists seem to be making a statement about the music industry – specifically the current state of Rap with its reliance on dumbed down subject matter and milked over creativity. Ride will be out next week and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here.

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[Premiere] Lais – Dirty Martinis

New Lais!

If Drake ever slid into my DMs–I don’t know why Drake is sliding into my DMs but he’s Drake, and he’ll do whatever the fuck he wants–and was like, “Arjun, Toronto rapper Drake here, what artists should I pay attention to from Toronto?” The first artist that would come to mind would be Lais. The second would be Sean Leon, but that’s besides the point.

Lais is the newest addition to Skizzy Mars‘s Penthouse Music roster. To stick with the lazy comparisons, he is a lot like the PND or The Weeknd to Skizzy’s Drake. His brand of music is filtered through a lens of intoxication and faded beauty. On “Dirty Martinis,” he croons about the hazy decadence of his (and her) lifestyle of choice. And through all the haze, you might just relate super heavy to these experiences and find your new favorite artist.


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Years & Years – Desire


Piggybacking off their impressive Take Shelter EP, the equally soulful and electronic Years & Years return with a bouncy new single dubbed “Desire.”

The track channels an upbeat, 90s Chicago house vibe with lead singer Olly commanding “I want you to want me again” as the roaring hook builds. Olly has even garnered the attention of some other UK singer named Ellie Goulding. Ever heard of her?

“Desire” will be out officially come November 23rd.

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Ed Prosek – Hold On Tight

Ed Prosek CD Design FINAL

Got a nice little tune for your early Monday morning to help wake you up! Here we have Ed Prosek, a 22 year old Californian native now calling Brughton, UK his home. “Hold On Tight” is the kind of indie music that reminds me why I love indie so much. Peep it below!

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Gazelle Twin – Human Touch

Gazelle Twin

Brighton-based Elizabeth Bernholz (aka Gazelle Twin) makes a convincing play for cult status in the fringe vein of MF Doom, PJ Harvey and Fever Ray with her second release Unflesh.  Her haunting brand of noir-ish electronica is both menacing and gorgeous, revealing an artist who isn’t afraid to take risks. Ignoring the dreamy vibes on her previous debut EP, Berholz refocuses her lens on the more gothic side of her sound, broaching the subject matter of science and medicine with unwavering attention to detail. Crafted in her home studio using vintage keyboards like the Moog Modular, the Linn-1, Formant Synth and the CS80, Unflesh is a experimental ride that doesn’t disappoint.

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