Lucian – Forever (Feat. Remmi)

Taken from Lucian's SC

Lucian has been wowing fans with remixes for a long time, and almost a year after a previous Remmi collaboration, the New York based producer has again linked up with Remmi for another dream team performance in “Forever”, the first single off of the upcoming EP.

From the first second of “Forever”, Remmi (who you’ve heard here before) gives Lucian’s instrumental an ideal vocal companion to rock with, and by the time you’ve even processed the catchiness of Remmi’s vocals, Lucian’s wave of synth-heavy showmanship grabs your attention with just as many marks in authority as those chilled vocals receive in mesmerization. I never knew I could like such brisk changes in feel as much as I did in this track, but the way Remmi lulls the listener to sleep before Lucian hits them over the head with a barrage of sound works just that well.

Check out “Forever” here!

-Kyle Copier

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Handsome Ghost – Graduate


Since their debut Steps EP came out a year ago, synthpop act Handsome Ghost have grown a lot, musically and personally. Their latest offering “Graduate” shows us their splendid progress. Equal parts playful and brooding, the new cut takes a pulsating bassline and an ever-catchy hook that will have you grooving from start to finish. “Graduate” may be a look to the past, but it it surely demonstrates this band’s bright future.

Stream Handsome Ghost’s “Graduate” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Kehlani – 24/7


If anyone knows how to keep it 100, it’s Kehlani. It’s clear the r&b songstress has been through a lot throughout her life, but that’s what has fans connecting with her like no other these days. “24/7″ is everything she feels and probably how any person feels on a day-to-day basis. She makes it clear that we aren’t all perfect little flowers as she sings, “I don’t know nobody that smiles at everybody 24/7“. We all have those negative moments or emotional, rough times and Kehlani is not afraid to express that. This track is probably one of the most relatable Kehlani tracks to date. Check out the raw tune “24/7″ below.

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Best New Songs of April 2016


Life can change in a blink of an eye. It’s astounding, really. One day you’re living a certain way, and then your life took a complete 180 degree turn, hopefully for the better. People will come. People will go. Shit happens, but we evolve. We adapt to what’s thrown our way. The one constant we have is music. Check out Best of April below. Go out and try something new in May, and see you back in a month. Thanks for reading!

Download Best New Songs of April 2016

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Lost Kings – You Ft. Katelyn Tarver (Halogen X Niko The Kid Remix)


Atlanta-based duo Halogen continue their ascending march through the ladders of the dance world with their latest remix of Lost Kings. Teaming up with fellow producer Niko The Kid, Halogen and company take the already great “You” to new heights, pitching down Katelyn Tarver’s vocals and adding in an infectious bass riff that’s Disclosure-esque. Look out for this one the next time you hit the dance floor.

Stream Halogen’s remix of “You” featuring Katelyn Tarver below.

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Sevn Thomas – Can’t Sleep Alone (ft. NYNE)


Sevn Thomas is the producer you either know or you know without even realizing it. His most notable musical contribution in recent times was none other than Rihanna’s hit single “Work”. If that hot track isn’t enough to convince you, he’s cooked up quite the collaboration with Australian songstress NYNE. “Can’t Sleep Alone” is a mysterious, dark r&b track that possesses some similar vibes to those of another gloomy favorite, the Weeknd. NYNE’s vocals are tender and don’t lack the much-needed edge to keep up the atmosphere. Check out the team-up between Sevn Thomas and NYNE below.

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