Allday – Sides (ft. NYNE)

Allday - Sides

Even Allday, Australia’s preeminent left-field druggie rap-singer, isn’t immune to the Toronto influence. His latest single, “Sides,” clearly has some northern sensibility with its ominous synth beat and NYNE doing a pretty decent Weeknd impression on the hook.

“Sides” is the rapper’s first track since his Startup Cult record dropped in 2015, and it has us realizing just what we’ve been missing over the last 10-plus months.

That album cemented him as a master at walking the line between pop rap and something woozier and darker. The chorus here is Views-level catchy, and Allday’s verses have some serious bite, similar to “Right Now,” another surefire banger that was a highlight of Startup.

All in all, “Sides” is proof that Allday remains in mid-season form.

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MUZI – WTF you Mean

boom shaka

Inspired by a student uprising to obtain their rights for basic education, DJ MUZI crafted the euphoric protest song “WTF you mean” to combat the injustices in his native South Africa. Thanks to positive nods from artists and labels like of Stormzy, Diplo, The Prodigy & Rinse FM, the talented young Producer now has a global mouthpiece to share his unique message and bold fusion of hip hop, electronica and kwaito (South Africa’s homegrown club sound). The video depicts the vulnerability of everyday people in a world where we’re all affected by these economic, social and racial injustices and comes as a soft launch for MUZI’s debut album, ​Boom Shaka​, out 9/2 on his own label WE.THE.BUNDU​ via !K7​. Boom Shaka can be pre-ordered HERE


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[Download EP] NOVA – 19


NOVA has long been known as a one of the premier young producers in the game (some of you may remember him as one of the initial Jon Waltz collaborators). For the past year and a half, NOVA has been releasing solo tracks featuring his own vocals. His songs continue rap and R&B’s current modus operandi of extending the range and possibilities of autotuned vocals. It is not a particularly unique sound; NOVA just does it better. It helps that he is his own producer. These four tracks flourish in the pockets where NOVA flexes his production chops, adding depth and detail to otherwise ordinary moments. This EP is the result of years of experience in imagining sounds and executing songwriting ideas.

Download 19 here via a PayPal donation to NOVA’s mom.


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THEY. – Deep End


THEY. gave us a taste of what a rock and r&b fusion could sound like with their track “Motley Crue”, which they released last year. Ever since that moment, we’ve been on the edge of our seats to see if they’d keep the unique vibes going. Luckily for us, they’re keeping that special spark with their new track “Deep End”. It wouldn’t be THEY. if there wasn’t r&b flavors laced with rock ‘n’ roll. There may be sensual, smooth vocals, but the edginess is still in full swing. If you want to feel a little punk when listening to r&b, go ahead and dive into this one. Listen to THEY.’s “Deep End” below.

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Refs – Turn Around


It’s safe to say we haven’t heard from Refs in awhile, they came to reel us in with their debut track “Pain Goes Away” and then disappeared into oblivion (pretty cruel, if you ask us). Luckily, they’ve come out of hiding and are back with a bang. “Turn Around” is their new tune and it’s an absolute pop gem. It’s one of those tracks that will stay in your head after 1 or 2 listens, so approach with caution. It’s completely catchy and has us ready for what’s next. Let’s hope it’s not another year until we hear more from Refs, for now check out “Turn Around” below.

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[Stream Mixtape] Zoe Cartier – Enfant Sauvage

New Zoe Cartier!

Zoe Cartier is an autotune architect from New Orleans who floats over beats and has likely had intimate relations with your girl. Her newest mixtape Enfant Sauvage (that’s French for “wild child”) is a focused, career-altering testimony on sex, drugs, and general savagery.

Assists from Nessly and Ten Diamonds work to show just how much Enfant Sauvage is Zoe’s world, and for an all too brief 10 tracks, we get to live in it.


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