TeaMarrr – In My Mind

New TeaMarrr!

These days, perhaps more than ever, it is difficult to assess whether an artist has pure intentions with their music. So many people have access to a halfway decent recording setup that they see music as an easy way to achieve quick fame and riches. Although there may seem to be many overnight successes, anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows that the business of music is not an easy thing, and it is still tough to get noticed and “put on” even with ease of technology. Yet there are all of these artists lurking the sound clouds with questionable intentions.

So how do you separate the good from the bad? Luckily, TeaMarrr made it easy. “In My Mind” oozes with soul. From the opening seconds, Thamar Noel draws you into the universe of her mind. The listener is invited to hear Noel’s most intimate thoughts that somehow feel familiar and relatable. I mean c’mon, “probably trying to solve the world in my mind, probably trying to take your bitch in my mind” are two consecutive thoughts I think I had yesterday! A song as well-written as this one is rare, and to think it may get lost among the poorly written trash plaguing the clouds is frankly disgusting.

I got people in places with faces that I’ve never met, in my head, like in my mind


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Mallrat – Inside Voices

New Mallrat!

Mallrat is a 17-year-old rapper and singer from Brisbane, Australia. I became aware of Mallrat after her widely heralded debut single “Suicide Blonde” appeared on triple j Unearthed. The content and a bit of the delivery reminded me of fellow Aussie rapper Allday, who Mallrat often cites as a major inspiration.

Since then, her sound has gradually become more refined. Her delivery is distinguishably more poppy. On “Sunglasses” (below), she’s like a rapping Lorde, which is cool, but ”Inside Voices” seems like the first purely Mallrat song. It features the ideal balance between making you want to dance at your desk at work and relating to the content of the song. I mean, who hasn’t felt strangely alone during a night out?

All three songs will appear on the Uninvited EP, which will be released on July 1st via teamtrick and Create Control. The EP will include three additional tracks that hopefully will highlight the continuing development of this young talent.

Uninvited EP Tracklist:

  1. Tokyo Drift
  2. Inside Voices
  3. Uninvited
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Suicide Blonde
  6. For Real

Everyone talks nicely but I don’t think they like me / ‘Cause when they go out, they never invite me

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J∆YLIEN – All My Friends

New Jaylien!

J∆YLIEN (a.k.a. Jaylien Wesley) is an LA-based artist originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Early in his career as a way to support his daughter, he worked behind-the-scenes, songwriting and producing for major artists like AkonLL Cool J, and Chris Brown. Given the opportunity, however, he always wanted to start his own thing. In 2013, he partnered with director Stephen Garnett to create the imprint BlessAndSee and actually developed recent G.O.O.D. Music signee Kacy Hill. Finally last year, Wesley kicked off his solo career and scored looks from major music publications.

I first heard J∆YLIEN’s music in February of this year. I really liked “We Fcuk” and “Little Bit of You” (posted below), but his most recent single “All My Friends” pushed me over the edge. Maybe it’s because the track reminds me of Nostalgia, ULTRA-era Frank Ocean. Or maybe I can just relate to the annual FOMO felt during Coachella — especially this year when A$AP Rocky brought out Kanye as mentioned in the song. Either way with three solid solo tracks under his belt, J∆YLIEN is an artist to watch in 2016.

All my friends are at Coachella and I wish that I was there too

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Best of… Supa Bwe

New Supa Bwe!

A key influence of Lil Wayne and Lil B is the method by which they would release large quantities of music per year. This idea feeds the mutualistic relationship between fans and artists. Fans benefit with a constant stream of new music from their favorite artists, and artists benefit by staying relevant and having a freedom to experiment with free releases.

For new fans, however, it can be quite daunting to familiarize yourself with an artist with 6 or 7 releases already under their belt. This is why I have made a sampler of my favorite songs by Chicago rapper, producer, and engineer Supa Bwe whose career I have followed closely since discovering Hurt Everybody in 2014. I sequenced the playlist, so these one-off songs and EP tracks make some semblance of sense together. It actually turned out pretty well and gives insight into Supa’s development over the years and also his strange consistency considering the experimental nature of many of his songs.


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[Introducing] Ali Coyote

New Ali Coyote!

The terms “rapper” and “singer” are great blanket terms that help you understand an artist before you press play on their music. The problem is in 2016 the rappers are singers and the singers are rappers. Miami artist Ali Coyote is kind of both and neither. He has that Young Thug vocal versatility where he sounds so different from track to track yet is instantly recognizable. Like Thugger, he uses his voice as an instrument that bends and warps with the beat’s trajectory. The seemingly limitless nature of his vocals is like a superpower. Best of all, he uses this superpower to convey emotion (see his best song yet, “Brothers & Sisters”), which ultimately should be the goal of all music.


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[Introducing] TRACE


TRACE is an Asian-American pop singer-songwriter with an uncanny ability of cutting through the clutter of emotions and harnessing the essentials for her songs. The one act in my mind that holds a similar ability is the Canadian indie pop group Stars. Both of TRACE’s recent releases, “Honey” and “Low,” have garnered massive exposure on Spotify’s popular Chill Vibes playlist. They both execute simple ideas to maximum effect with lines that seemingly come out of nowhere and hit you in the chest and make you feel things. With an EP scheduled for 2016 and two viral songs under her belt, this is bound to be a huge (*Bernie Sanders voice*) year for TRACE.

I prefer better, no I prefer you


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