Sinead Harnett – High Wire (Wet Paint Remix)

Sinead Harnett | Wet Paint Remix

I’ve been following these guys for quite some time now, and I’m really impressed with the direction that they’re taking their music. Evolving slowly from a future funk sound to a more future bass / experimental sound akin to large festival banger producers ie. What So Not, etc. After reaching the US/Canada for a small tour, the duo are back in the studio now working on a full length – can’t wait for that!

This one’s got a sort of #OrientalBass vibe to it. I dig, for sure.

Dropped only about 3 days ago, I’m glad to have caught this release so quickly! You can find most of their discography available for free download at their website.

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[Introducing] Trapo

New Trapo!

Earlier today I called Madison, Wisconsin a hip-hop city on the rise. Another guy from there with massive potential is Trapo. The 17-year-old rapper has one of those rare, distinctive voices. It almost sounds like D.R.A.M. mixed with Isaiah Rashad and Chance The Rapper. What makes his songs so fun to listen to is his approach to songwriting seems so fluid. His voice will undulate within the highs and lows of the beat. He will attack and retreat and continue to do so until you are singing and rapping along with him.

I’m tryna hurt somebody right now, it’s a killing season


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Ra’$haun – June 28th

New Ra'$haun!

We have referred to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as one of most surprising, eclectic hip-hop hotspots in the country. Well, it turns out Madison, Wisconsin is on the rise, too. I don’t know what they are eating in Wisconsin (cheese?), but it’s working to create rappers left, right, and center. One of these guys is Ra’$haun (born Ra’Shaun Randle), and today is his birthday.

“June 28th” is a short track at under two minutes long, but it serves as an ideal introduction. The song is a living, breathing organism, and the lyrics are delivered like a heartbeat pounding off the parchment. Every word is important and weighed down by the welcome burden of passion and perspective.

It’s hard to see the bigger picture with the filter still on


Below is my other favorite track by the Madison rapper.


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[MP3] Joey Aich & Kyle Messner – Snowcones & Backroads


Joey Aich is becoming a household rapper within the Sunset universe. Showing off another style of being able to joke around, Joey links up with friend, Kyle Messner, to bring you this relaxed, fun tune. Catchy hook, and playful rhymes is what you can expect on this one. Be on the lookout for more new material coming soon from Joey.


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[Download Mixtape] Lolawolf – Every Fuckin Day

New Lolawolf!

Lolawolf makes music that sounds as crazy as the emotions they are trying to convey. There is no filter here. In the five tracks on this free EP, Zoë Kravitz and Co. translate all of the defiance and acceptance that accompany heartbreak and love into music and lyrics. At one instant there will be cries for battle and literally the next second there will be the sweetest sounding melody you have ever heard.

This is ADHD pop for the iPhone generation. It features so many beat-switches and sudden changes it will seem at times like it was produced by a tandem of the world’s best mashup artists. But it’s really just Jimmy Giannopoulos and his friends Zoë Kravitz and James Levy. This is Lolawolf.



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[Download MP3] Sean Leon – 81 (Prod. Eestbound)

New Sean Leon!

This past December we introduced you to Sean Leon. Since then, the Ajax, Ontario rapper has been kept busy with his newborn daughter, awesomely named Xylo, and the creation of his highly anticipated album Black Sheep Nirvana.

Today he dropped “81,” inspired by Kobe Bryant’s godly 81 point performance against the Toronto Raptors in 2006. The Eestbound-produced track is two minutes in the desert heat on the set of a Tarantino film. It sounds like summer in Las Vegas, featuring the same “ratchet brilliance” that first drew us to Leon.

I love the fact that he does not lose his sound when he works with other producers. This sounds like a Sean Leon joint through and through. It fits right into his body of work, and that, I believe, is the mark of a truly original artist and one of the most promising rappers in the Toronto area.

Download “81″ here, and check out the Black Sheep Nirvana website for more content.


Stream Leon’s other recent loosie “This Ain’t 2012,” in which he says the hardest thing an independent rapper could probably ever say:

That’s why they sound like my sound, they really like my shit / It’s like I write they shit, I need the rights and shit.


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