Best New Songs of May 2017


NBA Finals game starts in five minutes. As a result, I don’t have much to say other than here’s this months playlist! #GoCavs

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High Rule – Someone Else


High Rule returns since the release of their debut EP with their new single, “Someone Else.” Sticking to their fusion of hip hop, electronic, and pop sound, they mysteriously return and touch on the culture that dating has become in 2017. The duo, Seis and Buoy, are something to look out for the rest of the year.

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Emmit Fenn – Woman


Emmit Fenn, and NoMBe, two of my favorite artists, link up for a hypnotizing effort that will seduce you. NoMBe provides the sexy guitar. Emmit continues to flex his genre-bending skills. Emmit has been steadily releasing new music at a good pace, so be sure to peep the older releases and stay tuned for the new ones.

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Kylie Odetta – Stress

Kylie Odetta Publicity Photo

19-year-old Kylie Odetta’s sophisticated tunes are brimming with cross-over potential, appealing to fans of jazz and top 40 while falling in step with the slow-burning R&B of Alina Baraz and Yuna. With her newest release, Undertow, Odetta has backed away from the indie electro vibes of her previous EP and stepped into a more contemporary pop role that meshes her signature gorgeous vocals with warm brass and mature musical arrangements. Her musical acumen is certainly a sound to behold and she has proven herself consistent in delivering high-quality, emotive songs that evoke some of the greatest songwriters in recent history. The crowning jewel of Undertow is the delicate banger “Stress” which puts off a serious young Alicia Keys vibe, complete with sultry attitude and in-the-pocket finesse.

Undertow is out today and can be purchased via iTunes

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[Premiere] Toyko – you do.


Today we have the pleasure of premiering the new single from evocative LA-based upstarts Toyko who prefer to keep things cryptic on the surface. No real origin story is available on the duo and they’ve opted for expertly designed collage art instead of traditional publicity photos. However, when it comes to delving into the nuts and bolts of their moody, multidimensional, electro-tinged pop, they are quite forthcoming. “Thematically I wanted to touch on the bittersweet nature of being with someone you love but don’t get to see often” the band reflects. “I had gotten the idea for the chorus lyrics one night when I had texted my girlfriend ‘i love you’ before bed.  She responded after I was already asleep but the next day said to me, ‘Just know I love you so much even if I don’t say it”. If that beautiful sentiment sounds too syrupy for you, simply hit play and let the edgy synth work and wily distortion offset your trepidation.


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Emily Warren – Hurt By You

Hurt by You

Songwriter-singer Emily Warren is ready to make her mark as a solo artist with her debut single “Hurt by You.” If Emily’s name doesn’t ring a bell, her voice certainly will – her featured vocals and masterful songwriting are defining Top 40 music as we know it. I can guarantee you Emily’s been the soundtrack to your recent dance party or road trip, most notably with her features on the Chainsmokers’ Memories… do not open.  But her parallel path towards solo stardom is taking on a bit of a different shape, providing an opportunity for her to tell her own story. In her debut single “Hurt by You,” Warren uses her solo platform to remind her listeners to be vulnerable, and to fall deeper into love despite knowing that with deeper love comes the risk of deeper pain- advice I think we could all take. She produced a song that’s so incredibly fluid it’s hard to pinpoint a specific genre- and that’s the beauty of the track- it’s got hints of jazz, r&b, folk all strung together by Emily’s powerhouse vocals.

Give the debut single a listen below and/or catch Warren on tour with the Chainsmokers this spring!


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