Hans Island – Break Free

Hans Island

Mawhs and Marie Dahlstrøm’s last output as Hans Island yielded us the dusky “I’m Yours,” a love song which juxtaposed a tender message with production that boasted an Ex Machina level of electro sheen.

The duo’s newest record is “Break Free,” a self-affirming ode to unshackling ourselves from the weight of our past. The theme fits beautifully atop Mawhs’ instrumental work. While the bass and hand clap drums give it a more uptempo feel, there’s melancholy and a quiet defiance in the song’s wormy synth lines.

Like Sylvan Esso‘s Amelia Meath, Dahlstrøm’s voice is more human and accessible than many vocalists on electronic music. It’s lilting, but also resilient, capturing the difficult feeling of wanting to move on but not quite knowing what that entails.

“Break Free” has a message we can all relate to, but it’s in the chemistry of Mawhs and Dahlstrøm that the track achieves its humanity.

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Katy B & KAYTRANADA – Honey

katy b

It’s been a couple of years since the last electro-pop album from Katy B, but she’s back in a big way with a lot of familiar help. Honey is her project, coming out April 29th via Rinse/Virgin EMI and it’s got a long list of star contributors, including Craig David, Major Lazer, Four Tet, and plenty of others. She’s always known how to bring her powerful voice to a beat thumpin’ sound and it’s always flowed in the most flawless ways. This new project is bound to follow that well-known Katy B pattern with even more to offer this time around. “Honey” is the title track and it’s produced by none other than KAYTRANADA. It’s has got a sexy groove that is irresistible and of course, the tender touch of Katy B’s soulful pipes. It’s a great intro to what’s to come from Honey and you can check out the track below.

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geo – Back In Your Heart


There’s not much info out there on this, but here’s what I can tell you: there’s this artist geo. geo made a dope mix of Jackson 5 “I Want You Back.” geo wants you to be happy and have a lot of alcohol to this. geo is smart. Be like geo.


be like

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IshDARR- Time Shawty


Ishdarr had a pretty big year in 2015, especially coming from a city that isn’t exactly known for big stars (Milwaukee). He has toured throughout the U.S. and even made his way overseas, yet hasn’t even released an official album yet. It’s been a pretty good start for IshDARR and from here it can only get better. He’s starting off 2016 with his first new track, “Time Shawty”. It’s IshDARR’s anthem about those silly chicks that want attention for the wrong reasons and how they’re not worth the time. Listen to the track below and keep an eye out for IshDARR in 2016.

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[Premiere] The Landing – Paranoid (Kanye West Cover)

The Landing

With SWISH’s release swiftly approaching, Brooklyn producer-singer The Landing is certainly timing his latest release flawlessly, and we can confirm that his cover of Kanye West‘s 808s and Heartbreak hit is far more than just savvy marketing.

“Space-pop” is The Landing’s preferred genre, and he certainly imbues West’s bouncy electronic track with an extraterrestrial feeling. The synths are beefed up to galactic proportions, and contrast well with the breezy island bounce of the percussion.

Moving at a brisk pace, The Landing expands on the style that made How Strange to Be, his 2015 EP, an unexpected success. He’s a first-rate producer and songwriter, and both of those qualities are apparent on “Paranoid.”

The Landing’s voice is a bit similar to Mr. Hudson, who appeared on the original, and he handles the verses with a quiet, restrained charisma before breaking into a sandy falsetto on the chorus.

“Being the first cover I’ve put out, I wanted to do something unexpected but relevant at the same time, and Kanye as a pop artist has fascinated me for continually delivering on these two fronts,” The Landing said of the single. “We all ‘worry bout the wrong thangs’ while knowing fully well we don’t have to.”

With a unique style and flair, The Landing’s cover will surely help you through the bleak winter months and keep your Kanye appetite satiated until the release of Swish.

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Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

Taken from Viola Beach's Facebook

After storming onto the scene with their smash single “Swings & Waterslides“, Warrington dream team Viola Beach recently released their new record, “Boys That Sing”, an uptempo beachy track with some catchy guitar riffs and vocals.

The impressive thing about Viola Beach and “Boys That Sing” is the way the group have created such a cohesive sound over their three releases without allowing their tracks to sound too similar. On “Swings & Waterslides”, the standout element was the background shouts and the catchy chorus, on “Cherry Vimto”, it was the main guitar riff mixed with Kris Leonard’s softest vocals among their three releases, and on “Boys That Sing”, it’s the confident lyrics mixed with the foolproof vocal mixing to match the beach-like vibe of the instrumental. The elements that remain constant among the releases (cheeky lyrics, catchy guitar work, etc) are all emphasized differently between releases to keep any similar sounds at bay.

Check out “Boys That Sing” right here!

-Kyle Copier

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