[Download MP3] Drake – Draft Day

[Download MP3] Drake - Draft Day

In a surprisingly-not April Fools’ Day joke, Drake dropped off a little Lauryn Hill-sampling track via the OVO blog. Nothing too crazy to be honest (he won’t beat “Trophies” for a while, if you ask me) but he does name-drop our favorite Chance The Rapper which is pretty cool. Also, it looks like the Drake/Johnny Football bromance is in full swing and will not slow down any time soon.

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Klo – Make Me Wonder


Silky smooooooth, is how how I’d describe Klo’s “Make Me Wonder”. Does that description make you tingle inside? It certainly should. This track has got a pure coolness to it. It makes you want to kick back, relax and let it take you away. Honey sweet vocals and a mesmerizing beat to accompany, it’s simply all the right things. Listen to the beauty below.


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[Premiere] Lonely Child – Loaded Gun

New Lonely Child!

Pharrell singlehandedly brought the funk back to music in 2013, and Lonely Child is continuing the funk revolution with his newest single “Loaded Gun.” But don’t get it twisted; this is not piggybacking on a trend. What Lonely Child does on “Loaded Gun” predates anything Pharrell did last year. This track has its roots in the ’70s (as did most of Pharrell’s contributions, but that’s besides the point). This is a song for when your parent’s grumble about “today’s artists.” It is music that is good and true and transcends any generational gaps.

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You wanna come with me tonight, you’re gonna have to pull the trigger, honey you should have known, I’m a loaded gun.


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[Music Video] Sam Smith – Stay With Me


After releasing the audio for his latest single, “Stay With Me,” earlier this week, Sam Smith has just released the official music video for the track that I’m claiming will be one of the best songs of the year. There’s not much to compare with the feeling I got after listening to this song for the first time, but it never hurts to have visuals of a man and his accompanying choir of vocalists to depict the aura of authenticity behind Sam Smith’s quest for human accompaniment and compassion. This here digs deep.

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LOLAWOLF – Jimmy Franco [Song and Music Video]


I have to be honest with you guys (but actually, don’t worry, I’m always honest with you guys)…sometimes the Sunset Fam finds really good songs and sends them to each other and we keep them to ourselves rather than sharing them. It’s selfish and probably uncalled for (or maybe you guys deserved it, but nobody has ‘fessed up yet), but it happens. It’s real life.

But I wasn’t about to have that today. This song was sent around the group, and I needed you guys to hear this. The song is called “Jimmy Franco” and it’s by LOLAWOLF, a group led by Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoë Kravitz.

WARNING: I wasn’t sold in the first 0:40 seconds of the song. The tribal beats were cool, but the whiny “ahh” noises sounded a bit irritating. But then the vocals hit and they’re powerful. And then at the 1:00 mark, the song kind of changes tracks entirely. It lightens up, the whiney noises are gone, and it’s like you just walked out of the darkest area of rainforest, cleared the overhanging leaves and hairy things hanging from the skies, and found the light of the sun. The sounds kind of come back and haunt me a little bit, but that’s just what happens when you’re in the rainforest. It’s unpredictable. And that can either be seen as an annoyance, or instead, maybe that’s just the allure of the rainforest: it’s going to do its own thing. And you can’t stop it. And you don’t want to stop it.

And now I realize I just told a really weird story, and those last two sentences are all I really needed to say.

BONUS: Hit the jump to watch the music video for Jimmy Franco, featuring A$AP Rocky

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[Music Video] Sylvan Esso – Coffee


I got a message from a friend of mine yesterday letting me know that she was featured in a music video for a song called “Coffee” by a new(ish) band out of Durham called Sylvan Esso. She then told me that she got to know the band through her pilates teacher, who is married to one of the guys in a band called Megafaun.

I love when small world things like this happen. 

First of all, “Coffee” is one of my favorite songs of 2014 so far. (It made it onto my 2014 Spotify playlist, which means it made the cut for the favorites.) So yeah, I’ve had my eye on Sylvan Esso. (And needless to say, the first time I heard they were from in Durham, I got very giddy.) And Megafaun? That’s probably one of my favorite local bands I could ever claim.

It was a pretty magical moment that definitely brought back the joys of living in Durham that I’ve written so much about. Small town wonder, local band lust.

For those you who don’t have this connection to this wonderful place, this artful music video of everything from invigorating dance moves to disturbing scenes at parties can depict the reality of the lives of young artists in Durham, or likely many other cities around the world.  Get up, get down.

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