Ryder – Nirvana


Sometimes a track can sound like an automatic hit and you find yourself wondering, “how is this not invading the radio?!”. This time around it’s an electric pop number from Ryder, a Los Angeles based artist. “Nirvana” is a dreamy, catchy tune that’ll perfectly sit itself into your head for hours because of its undeniably addictive chorus. So what more can we really ask for? Check out the fresh pop track below.

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Daye Jack – Raw [Remix]

the one

Nigerian-born Daye Jack comes baring venomous flows and a keen endorsements from Hip Hop elite like Mike Elizondo – the man responsible for signing Dr. Dre and Eminem. The raw rock-tinged beat is a swell proving ground for the young MC who bounces compound syllables across it’s tape echoed guitar pings. It’s an impressive introduction to Daye’s debut LP, “No Data” which is set for release in Spring 2017.

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ISLAND – Dreaming Of


ISLAND may not be a name you know now, but they’re anticipated to be one of the top acts to watch in 2017. This indie-rock outfit has been turning heads, selling out shows in the UK, and also has their fair share of high streaming numbers. “Dreaming Of” is their latest track off of their upcoming EP A Place You Like and it really sets the stage for what ISLAND is all about. It’s a love song that’s intertwined with tenderness and dream-like sounds. However, it doesn’t stray from that pure indie-rock vibe. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for more ISLAND in the near future!

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Paces – Savage Feat. Nyne


Some tracks are so easy to get into within seconds because they reel you in with a mesmerizing, catchy beat. You turn it on and like that your mind is twisting and your head is bobbing like nobody’s business. “Savage” is no exception and we can thank Paces and Nyne for that. This team-up is a match made in addictive sounds heaven and will likely control your brain for the rest of the night. Get your dose of pop-electronic goodness below.

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Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right)


That feeling of angst may seem like something we left in our teenage years, but let’s be honest, those emotions still come up in our twenties and beyond. So, it’s only fair we have a bit of rage in our music to keep the vibes going. Luckily, we’ve got a pop-rock powerhouse like Grace Mitchell to quench our thirst for edgy sounds. “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” is her latest offering and it has something we haven’t quite seen from the Portland artist yet. We’re used to poppier vibes from her, but she’s taking it to “let’s smash a guitar” level and we’re all about it (and I think we could all use it this week). Check out the angsty anthem, “Kids (Ain’t All Right) below.

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