Best New Songs of February 2017


The only important thing to mention here is that Chance The Rapper won three Grammy’s in February. I remember the days when I was bumping #10Day, which was five years ago, and thinking this guy just gets it. Five years later, he’s won three Grammy’s, has yet to sell any music (never will), and has become a public figure on social issues for Chicago by recently donating 1 million to public schools. You want to talk about a Best of February? New releases aside, that award goes to Chano. Incredible what this guy has done over the course of five years.

We also have a playlist of 30 songs for you, so check that out below.

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Coucheron – Barely Floating feat. Matilda


23-year-old Oslo producer Coucheron’s slow-burning, jazz imbued electronica has been vindicated by a Grammy nod and has been playlisted by none other than Taylor Swift. He followed his buzzy 2015 debut “Playground” with a string of official remixes for the likes of Mayer Hawthorne, CeeLo Green, Charlie Puth & Nick Jonas, and is now coming full circle with his debut LP, “You/Me,” via Toothfairy. The young producer still relies heavily on collaborations but they often bare tasteful fruit. “Barely Floating” is an eclectic ride through dubstep, French house and neo R&B with some sugary pop to top things off. Rage to it.

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LANY- Good Girls

LANY- Good-Girls

Friday was a big day for LA-based trio LANY, with the release their new single “Good Girls” and the announcement of their self-titled debut album- hitting music stores & streams near you on June 30th. Let me tell ya, I am pumped. LANY is one of the groups that stole my heart awhile back and continues to leave me wanting more (I’m lookin’ at you, Paul Jason Klein). They are modern, they are raw, they are edgy- and if their live shows are any indication of what is to come, they are on the brink of something really, really special.  This latest release “Good Girls” is complete with the beachy pop-synth vibes that run throughout previous jams like “ILYSB” and “pink skies”- vibes we expect to carry through to debut album ‘LANY’. Check it out below, and see the full debut album track listing after the jump.

Full Track Listing of ‘LANY’, (singles in bold):

Dumb Stuff
The Breakup
Super Far
Flowers On The Floor
Good Girls
Purple Teeth
So, Soo Pretty
It Was Love

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Mick Jenkins ft. Goldlink – Pressed For Time


Mick Jenkins and Goldlink are two hip-hop artists that have gained quite the following individually. Their unique vibes have brought on plenty of fans and they only continue to do their thing, but who would’ve thought they’d come together to create a heavenly hip-hop mixture? “Pressed For Time” is a smooth r&b-rap fusion that oozes with soul. It’s one of those tracks to put on during a chill day, in that kick back your feet type of way (we all need some of that). Is it too soon to hope for a Mick Jenkins/Goldlink rap group? Listen to the track below and be the judge!

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Mikey Mike – Doin’ Me (Prod. Rick Rubin)

New Mikey Mike!

If you have been following this website for a while now, then you know just how special this artist is. We have been avid fans of Mikey Mike since his Chainsaw Love days in 2012. Now, almost exactly five years removed from that EP, he has returned with a new single, “Doin’ Me”, produced by none other than the legendary Rick Rubin. The song features everything we have grown to expect from a Mikey Mike release; it is cheeky, inspiring, rebellious, irreverent, and incredibly profound — full of the daily contradictions that make the human experience an interesting and challenging thing. Listen to the music below, and be thankful that artists like Mikey Mike fight to be heard because we need them now more than ever.


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Khalid – American Teen

Khalid American Teen

I can’t get enough of 19 year old R&B-pop rising star Khalid, who dropped the title track off of his debut album American Teen today. Set for release on March 3rd, Khalid’s debut is poised to be one of the breakthrough albums of 2017. His soulful sound and honest songwriting//storytelling featured in earlier releases like Location, Saved and Coaster, have helped the young artist carve out a space and a platform for himself within the crowded music landscape. His songs tell stories of love, heartbreak and hope- sharing wisdom that extends far beyond the teenage years.  The title track, American Teen, is an anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album- listen below and keep an eye out for the full album release in early March! It’s going to be a good one, trust me.

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