Bo Rocha – Enough For You

Bo Rocha

It was merely a year ago when Bo Rocha released her edgy track “Tangerine Flake” and at the time it felt like the emergence of another Lana Del Rey. However, Bo Rocha has proven to be much more than just another artist in the crowd. Her sultry, mysterious sound is one that’ll hook you in without even trying. “Enough For You” is her latest offering and it’s a soulful display of what Bo Rocha is capable of. As usual, the London-based artists brings a mixture of genres (pop, r&b, soul) to create that perfect musical recipe. Her new EP will be out this September on Bait and Switch Records, but for now check out “Enough For You” below.

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Best Songs of 2016 (So Far)

Best Songs of 2016 So Far [1348557]

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2016. We’ve heard from Chance The Rapper, Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, and plenty more. However, we still have yet to hear from Frank Ocean. This upsets me, but we’re getting close. He teased his release a few days ago. In the meantime, the SunsetFam has put together one hell of a playlist for you to vibe out to with our favorite cuts (so far). Follow the playlist on Spotify, and we can’t wait to let you know our favorites from 2016 in December!

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[Album Stream] Derek Simpson – CiTY

New Derek Simpson!

Derek Simpson is Planetarian, an artist whom I have written a lot about over the years. Maybe that is because I felt the need to explain why I liked his music so much. With the growth and maturity exhibited on his latest album CiTY, I don’t feel that need anymore.

This album is a straightforward documentation of Derek’s first year away from home. It is the moods and emotions we have all felt in a new location with new people.

Purchase the album here.


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Denitia and Sene – Olive.

denitia and sene

What do you get when you mix funky sounds, r&b vibes, and a seriously delicious food item? You’ve got the impressive new single from Denitia and Sene, of course. “Olive.” is the Brooklyn duo’s latest offering and it’s smoother than butter (enough food references yet?). Songs this catchy usually don’t last more than 3 minutes, but this one happens to keep its addictive sparkle for the duration of 5. It feels so good that it could probably go on for longer and no one would complain. Listen to the Sly5thave produced track below and start your weekend right.

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Spotify Spotlight: **The Shit I Like** by Alfredo Tirado

New Spotify Spotlight!

Alfredo Tirado is an A&R assistant at SONGS Publishing and a manager/A&R consultant at Take & Thrown, which he co-founded with Noah Yoo. Since following him on Twitter, I have come to realize that Tirado is a music biz whiz and a quintessential resource for cutting edge pop music. This playlist, aptly titled “The Shit I Like,” features the stars of tomorrow realized today. Personal favorites discovered on this playlist include “Tell Me” by Mobley, “Episode” by GallantCar Seat Headrest, and Radio Eliza – just to name a few.

Clear some time out of your day, scroll through these selections, and you will likely come away with new songs and artists that will stick with you for a long time.

And follow the playlist because it is regularly updated.

RELATED: Check out the previous Spotify Spotlight playlist SAD SUMMER SIXTEEN, curated by me.


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Camden Cox – Focus

camden cox

Camden Cox has released some truly addictive pop gems in the last couple of years, yet here we are still waiting for that debut album. Although there’s no word on that (yet!), we’ve at least got a little dose of music to pull us through for now. “Focus” is Camden Cox’s newest single and it’s feel-good pop music at its finest. The track is laced in r&b vibes which makes it that much more intriguing. It’s undeniably catchy  and you’re bound to have it stuck in your brain after about two listens (go ahead, test it out). Listen to Camden Cox shine in her latest single “Focus” below (and keep hoping for that debut full-length)!

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