Huntar – SK1N

Huntar, obscured maybe

Indie R&B is great, but with its emphasis on restraint and downtempo influences it can be a bit plodding at times. That’s why “SK1N,” the latest single from London musician Huntar, is so impressive. It has enough resonance and subtle quirks to keep you at rapt attention for its five-and-a-half minute running time.

Huntar is a strong singer, knowing when to turn on his pretty falsetto to really sell the hook. This may sound like faint praise, but a lot of similar artists do so much to distort and mask their vocals that you can barely tell if they know what they’re doing on the mic.

The production is just as engaging. The track itself is simple, but filled with tiny glimpses of complexity; a guitar lick here, a vocal distortion there, that really makes for a rich backdrop.

The influences here aren’t too hard to pinpoint. There are shades of Majid Jordan and Jai Paul, along with similarities to lesser-known artists like Astronomyy and Fyfe.

That’s not to say Huntar is derivative, far from it, merely that he is placing himself in the same sentence as some very talented artists with music as compelling as “SK1N.”

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Abhi//Dijon – Jon B

R&B duo Abhi//Dijon's Stay Up mixtape promo photo.

Maryland duo Abhi//Dijon have been making some staggeringly smooth music of late, and that trend continues on their nostalgic new cut “Jon B.”

An ode to a past relationship and, of course, the famous ’90s R&B singer behind hits like “They Don’t Know” and “Someone to Love,” the track is a bouncy mix of electric piano and guitar that makes it insanely catchy.

Abhi//Dijon have a similar vibe to Drake affiliate Majid Jordan, but whereas the OVO group’s sound draws influence from sparse, electronic music, Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas are clearly well-versed in the history of old school soul.

Their music is incredibly lush and romantic, but still sounds fresh and inventive.

Dijon isn’t a world-beating singer, but he has a pretty falsetto and his soft, soulful vocals fit well atop Abhi’s mellow production.

“Jon B” is the latest single off their next project, entitled Stay Up, which is dropping soon.

If you want more Abhi//Dijon, and we’re sure you do, check out their self-titled EP from last year.

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[Premiere + Free Download] Patti Yang – Im Ready


Patti Yang has been a fixture in the UK electronic scene since the early 2000′s, delivering a steady stream of stunning EP’s and acclaimed remixes that have drawn comparisons to Zola Jesus and Icona Pop. Ever the restless spirit, Yang left her native London and sought inspiration in the Mojave Desert; mixing her native UK dance vibes with the psychedelic heritage of the Californian dessert. We have the pleasure of premiering the newest single from these sessions, “Im Ready”, which plays with the idea of being spiritually saved by a lover. The track makes quite an impression with its stomping beat and hushed pillow talk about penance and holy communion… Suffices to say that not since vintage Madonna has an artist made religious symbolism seem so suggestive. Feel free to download the single to tide you over for her full length due out January 2016.


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Chance the Father: What Does Chance the Rapper’s Impending Fatherhood Mean for Surf?

Chance B&W 2

It’s been quite the few months for Chancelor Bennett. First he released Surf, the out of nowhere follow-up to his sensational Acid Rap mixtape, then he demolished the closing set of Pitchfork Music Festival and topped it off by announcing his Family Matters tour, which kicks off in October.

And somewhere in there, he managed to find the time to announce that he is bringing a life form into this world.

For the record, I still believe the pregnancy announcement may’ve just been a tongue-in-cheek promo for his latest set of road dates. He pulled a similar prank on the public when he announced he was “going to college…” and then kicked off a campus tour in Fall 2014.

But maybe that’s just my cynicism showing through, or concern over the fact that Chance is barely a year older than me and is on the precipice of fatherhood. For this article’s sake, let’s assume Chance is about to be a dad, and take a look at what that means in the context of his latest project.

Chance touching the stomach of the maybe mother of his child maybe.

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[MP3] NoMBe – Miss Mirage


The last time we heard from NoMBe, it was his enchanting diamond in the rough, “California Girls.” The LA based producer/composer is back at it again with “Miss Mirage.” Similar sound to his last release, “Miss Mirage”  will take you on a journey. At times, you’ll experience the cool vibes until you realize it’s all a mirage, then the grittiness kicks in to completely change the motion. Almost as if this release has two personas. Enjoy!

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[MP3] RKCB – Ignite


Enter the dreamy realm of RKCB. A world created by Riley Knapp and Casey Barth that will give you your electronic-RnB fix that you’re always craving because it’s so great. What can make a great song is the story it tells, and not just with the vocals. Paired with a stunning backdrop, “Ignite” tells a story of falling in love with your best friend and the sparks/burns that come with your feelings.

Their debut EP is slated for a release later this Summer. With “Ignite” being the lead single, be ready to enter this realm.

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