Jordan Bratton feat. Chance the Rapper – Prisoner

Jordan Bratton

Jordan Bratton may be young, but he’s already managed to get heads turning with his soulful music for the last year. He already got Fabolous to be a part of a remix for his catchy track “Danger”. This time around he’s got Chance the Rapper to help out on his new track, “Prisoner”. It’s an incredibly chill tune that will not only hook in Chance the Rapper fans, but also bring in some new Jordan Bratton admirers. Don’t miss out and check out “Prisoner” below.


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Jez Dior – The Line


It’s been a couple years since Jez Dior first hit the scene with his pretty visuals for debut track “Candles”. Fast forward two projects later, and Jezzy is premiering his latest cut, “The Line”, exclusively with Spotify on their New Music Tuesday playlist. That’s big boy status.

In what may be his most accessible single to date,  ”The Line” veers a bit from JD’s self-described grunge rap. The track offers bubbly synths and a choppy guitar riff all over a mean drum kit, plus a catchy hook to boot. The melodic tune has Jez exploring themes of soul-searching as he serenades a female interest.

Stream the single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life (PINEO & LOEB Remix)

third eye blind - semi charmed life - pineo and loeb remix

When PINEO plays shows, heads turn. Not because of his dashingly good looks, but because they recognize every damn song that he remixes. Teamed up with LOEB, they make PINEO & LOEB – cosmic retro funk renegades of the future (if that makes any sense). I’ve gotta admit that I’m a pretty big fanboy when it comes to these guys, they seem to never disapoint!

Catch their latest, and grab it for free:

If you dig this remix, you’d most DEFINITELY love his re-work of Gorillaz, Will Smith, or Tears for Fears. Find them here.

From PINEO himself:

“Bringing back the 90s addicts anthem along with some live guitar played by Matt Stevens (Helical), Jurassic 5 samples and all sorts of crazy sounds. Free download uploaded while we’re off playing some shows in Nepal!”

Catch him on the internet, as well:

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TWRK – Helicopter [Mad Decent]


A friend of mine introduced me to this interesting producer, TWRK, who I had never heard of before. Given the fact that the release is published by Mad Decent Records, I decided to give it a few listens. I honestly wasn’t expecting the track to be so wild – something about the way they harness the unique nature of an a’capella and warp it to the rhythm of an insane block-rocking 808 kick, slightly gives me the shivers.

I feel almost as if I should check myself in to bass addicts anonymous after this one. I think it’s got me hooked.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to turn things up for the weekend – or give into your thirsty Thursday rituals.

Check it out!

Follow TWRK
Soundcloud: @TWRK

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[MP3] High Rule – Enough


High Rule is back after their successful release of  ”Touch,” which made its way all over Spotify’s playlists, for example, their acclaimed New Music Tuesday.

This time around, it’s “Enough” and the song is just as catchy as last time. The Chicago-based duo continues their unique production as they blend together genres like hip-hop, pop, and electronic, but they do switch gears a bit with their subject matter. “Enough” talks about that person in your life that you know isn’t right for you, but you just can’t seem to let go of.

Check out the song below and be sure to follow the guys on SoundCloud for a free download!

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[Download] Get Yr Flame On (4/20 Mixtape)

New Sunset Mixtape!

I think this is one of my favorite mixes. It is everything that’s good about hip-hop right now. You got Jon Waltz-collaborator NOVA moving to vocals from behind the boards. You got Bobby Raps going ape shit on a record. After that, Young Thug implements a game-changing autotune on “Halftime,” and then OVO-affiliate Jimmy Johnson (or Jimmy Prime) rips into a slow-burning anthem. BROCKHAMPTON artist Matt Champion and Jon Waltz made a 9-minute song, and it’s perfect. I could go on, but you should probably just listen and smoke a lot of pot. Happy 4/20. Stay ~wavy~.

*Missing track 3 (“Halftime” by Young Thug)



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