Alice Boman – What [Stream + Lyrics]


I fell in love with Alice Boman the first time I ever heard her song “Waiting.” Since then, I’ve listened to that song over and over again. Today I fell deeper in love with her when I heard “What” for the first time. Both songs have a vintage vibe, but a timeless message. Sometimes I ask myself whether I fell in love with a song for its lyrics or its instrumentals, and often times I can pick one or the other. But with Alice’s music, it’s really hard to pick one, because she marries the two perfectly. Simple put, it’s light instrumentals alongside dark lyrics. The two come together to form something truly beautiful.

Music becomes addicting when you can really feel the message that it’s sending. Something tells me that every human (we all have hearts, after all) can relate to the message in Alice Boman’s latest single, “What.” We’ve all wondered if our love is unrequited, but few of us could put our thoughts down as eloquently as Alice just has. Read the lyrics after the jump.


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Logic – Alright (ft. Big Sean)


Gearing up to the release of his EP, While You Wait, rapper Logic lets loose a collaboration with his Def Jam brother Big Sean over a track produced by Tae Beast. Dirty stuff right here. …I dig it.

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[Download] Wildflower: The 4.20 Mixtape


The high holidaze is almost here isn’t it? What’s it called again? Ah, yes! Easter. So one year later we get to celebrate Easter on this lazy Sunday and celebrate the only way we know how to: by listening to music, eating anything in sight, hanging with friends, and uhhh, celebrating Easter! Last year’s mix was nuts, but this year? This shit right here? The best Easter music you’ll find on the internet. Just remember one thing for me: when you play the game of thrones, you win or you lose. So if you lose, you tell the god of death “not today, but stay and get high.”

Stay beautiful my friends.

Download Wildflower

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Watch Jon Waltz’s Impressive Video for “Bang”

New Jon Waltz!

“Bang” was my introduction to Jon Waltz. It has a special place in my heart because I have always been obsessed with that hook (“Left my home with a dream and a cigarette…”), and it always seemed to me to be a very cinematic song–so I had high expectations when I heard there was going to be a “Bang” video. And these expectations were well surpassed due to an immaculate production. The black and white film tells this gritty, violent story that actually elevates the music rather than just exists. It paints a stunning picture that better explains the motives and ideas of Jon Waltz and makes you thrilled to hear and see more from the young artist soon.


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[Download MP3] OnCue – Closer (Prod. ARW)

New OnCue!

Over a beat sampling Banks‘s Shlohmo-produced, slow-burner “Brain,” OnCue croons about his lust for a girl, and his words are so relatable–it is almost sickening. For example, listening to this song right now, I am getting this devastating feeling at the pit of my stomach, which I am pretty sure is the feeling of a burning angst for someone and not the after effects of the weird chicken I ate for lunch.


Because I love it so much, check out the sample.


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Kwabs – Something Right


Kwabs sure has something up his sleeve with his new tunes and it’s clear to see with the latest addition “Something Right” . It’s definitely an extra spice that he also got a bit of help from another talented fellow SOHN , who produced the track. This earth shattering and electric sound is bound to give you tingles down your spine. On top of that, Kwabs continues to give us chills with his very big voice. This one is just a great win for our ears, listen to the song below and get swept away.


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