Foreign Air – Echo

Foreign Air

Foreign Air‘s first two tracks, “Free Animal,” and “In the Shadows” were intoxicating and mysterious, songs that kept you coming back even if they were ultimately pretty noir in nature. Think Glass Animals with a rock edge.

Their latest, “Echo,” shows a completely new dimension, one that they could be using to fill arenas in the near future. The single, taken from their EP out September 2rd, is sleek and sexual, but it packs a rollicking, EDM-esque build complete with a show-stopping hook.

The track’s subject matters veers into the intergalactic, so it’s only fair that the massive sound follows suit.

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Makeunder – Great Headless Blank


Oakland Art Punk group Makeunder obviously enjoys coloring outside the lines with their wayward musical stylings. So it makes sense that after praise from NPR and Vice’s Creators Project, the band has returned with a uniquely imaginative video for their EP’s title track which pairs the perfect set of psychedelic visuals with their Tune-Yards-esque musical gymnastics. Makunder’s spearhead Hamilton Ulmer sees the decision to hand the band’s music off to a visual artist as a natural progression, stating “I’ve always seen music as a visual medium ­- both in terms of tone color and shapes and structures. So we thought it’d be interesting to give the track to an artist and see what they come up with.” The impressive video is the work of Montreal-­based visual artist Carine Khalife.

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Alpines – Heaven


Alpines has given us a taste of their upcoming album with the haunting “Heaven”. This UK duo makes pop-tinged R&B music, and this track is no exception. Catherine Pockson’s voice glides over synths and breakbeats provided by Bob Matthews. Lo-fi kick drums contrast beautifully with Pockson, whose voice is reminiscent of familiar names like London Grammar and Jessie Ware. “Heaven” will appear on the duo’s forthcoming Another River, due out October 28th. Keep an eye out for the album, and peep the track below!

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[Sunset Mixtape] Goodbye Summer: One Last Go

Goodbye summer

You may be currently sipping a cocktail in the backyard and tanning your skin away, but we all know the inevitable is coming — the end of summer. I know, it burns our ears too, but let’s not forget all the good times basking in the sun quite yet. We’ve compiled the perfect playlist for your last minute BBQs and days at the park. There are songs literally about summer (Kate Nash), songs that just make you want to get down at the labor day party (Roy Woods, Mac Miller), and some tracks that are simply light and catchy (Big Baby D.R.A.M., Kali Uchis) for those “windows down” car rides. Before you kiss the sun and warmth goodbye, take this playlist for a spin and just live in the summer moment.

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[Sunset Mixtape] Reality Distortion Field

New Sunset Mixtape!

I have been reading Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography Steve Jobs, and in it he describes Jobs’ “reality distortion field,” in which Jobs appropriated reality to fit his own singular focus. It is a tool Jobs used to speak things into fruition and to empower his employees to make the impossible possible. His colleagues often despised his rigorous, borderline irrational demands, but in the end, these high expectations often benefited the final product, and for that, the surviving workers thanked him.

I think anyone with unconventional goals needs to occasionally bend reality to fit his or her vision. You can’t lose grip on reality, but a blind faith supported by hard work seems like a tried and true recipe for success.

This mix is the soundtrack heard upon entering your own reality distortion field. It touches on spirituality and features dancehall sounds with some obvious sounds of digital distortion — just to remind you that you are momentarily dissociated from reality.

Are you working or just wasting your time? Did I mention that you’re still on my mind?

NOTE: This mix was meant to include “Somewhere in Australia” by Louis Val as track 6, but the track was removed from Soundcloud.


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Sloan Evans – One Thing

New Sloan Evans!

Since introducing Sloan Evans on the site a year ago, he has caught the attention of some important ears. He is now the first artist managed by VLONE, the lifestyle brand and label of A$AP Bari, and yesterday, he released his first single “One Thing.” The song is deceptively complex with its catchy hook and pulsating beat. It shares a close kinship to Post Malone‘s best work. Stay tuned for more from Sloan. I doubt he will wait another year to drop the next single.


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