Best New Songs of November 2016


We have finally hit the final month of 2016. Despite this being a November playlist, the early parts of December have been FIRE. The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, Drake, CuDi, & J. Cole?! What did we do to deserve this? While we’re working hard to provide you a list from our favorites from the year, enjoy what we’ve prepared for November, and the influx of quality albums! Hopefully, this will keep you busy until then. Stay tuned…

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[Sunset Mixtape] No Mans Land

New Sunset Mixtape!

It is always exciting when a new president is elected in the United States. Between election day and inauguration day, speculation runs rampant, as the President-elect decides who will run the government with him or her for the next four years. During this time of great intrigue, people begin to get a feel for what their country will look like under this person’s leadership.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the land. Most people who voted for him did so in the hope that he will institute laws that will work better for them and their family. However, so far, during this transition period before taking office, Trump has put questionable people in positions of power, while tweeting thoughtless lies and failing to properly address the global conflicts of interest caused by his company (He has also suddenly reversed his position on many issues, making it seem like he previously never learned the details of, say, climate change.). Right now, the way his first days as President-elect have gone, it seems like Donald Trump will not work for the people who voted for him or for “all Americans,” as he claims; it seems like he will work only for Donald Trump.

That’s why I named this mix No Mans Land. It is a really, really dumb way of saying that I don’t think Trump is going to be a good president.

These lights sparkle but they might hurt you

NOTE: Original cover image by Natasha Jen.



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Bridgit Mendler – Snap My Fingers


Either you know Bridgit Mendler or you don’t, but one thing is for sure, you’d never guess this soulful pop gem was once a Disney star (and don’t get us wrong, we love some Disney!). Since taking a break from music for a few years (Mendler released her debut album in 2012), she’s clearly grown her sound and strayed away from the  bubblegum pop sound. She’s still embracing her pop side, but she’s kicked it up a notch with a bit of smooth soul. “Snap My Fingers” is one of the tracks off of her new EP, Nemesis, and it completely oozes a coolness that we’ve never seen from Bridgit Mendler before. It’s needless to say, she’s no Disney girl anymore. She’s a grown woman with a big voice and we are ready to see her next chapter.

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Milky Chance – Cocoon

milky chance

After taking our ears by storm with their hit “Stolen Dance” a few summers ago (it feels like an eternity), the German band is back to grab our indie hearts again. “Cocoon” may be Milky Chance’s catchiest track yet (yes, it can get even catchier than “Stolen Dance”). It’s one of those tracks that’ll have you tapping your feet and ultimately dancing around your room in a matter of a minute. It’s clear Milky Chance is back to impress new and old fans with their airy indie-pop goodness, so we’re all in. Check out “Cocoon” below!

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[Stream] Childish Gambino – Me And Your Mama

New Childish Gambino!

Between his TV show Atlanta and his own music festival, Donald Glover is one busy Renaissance Man. Always up to something and not one to disappoint, Mr. Glover finally released the first single of his upcoming album “Awaken, My Love!”

The track, “Me And Your Mama,” is densely packed with scorching highs and lullaby lows, and offers a side of Childish Gambino we haven’t quite seen before. Singing through an amplifier at times, the new style offered on “Me And Your Mama” screams before it croons, and is anything but dull. If this track is any reflection of his upcoming LP, we’re in for something special.

Stream the audacious single from Childish Gambino below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Goldielocks – Liquify


Sydney-based Goldielocks has released his Luminous EP, featuring stand-out track “Liquify”. The whole EP is filled with top-notch material, but “Liquify” uniquely combines the producer’s unique ability to combine downtempo electronic textures with melodic, pitch-shifted vocals. This track starts with a catchy percussive beat before settling into a dreamy, bass-heavy journey. At times it sparkles, at times it gets dark – but never does “Liquify” stop being beautiful. Check it out below and, if you like what you hear, the Luminous EP here.

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