[Download EP] Young Karin – PYK

New Young Karin!

Young Karin is a pop duo from Iceland, consisting of vocalist Karin Sveinsdóttir and producer-songwriter Logi Pedro Stefánsson. They are formerly known as Highlands, and their n°1 EP was one of the best of 2014. Looking to build upon their debut, the group has released the PYK EP, a collaboration with director K_tanman and clothing brand 66°NORTH.

The chemistry of the duo is electric. Karin’s yearning vocals and Logi’s rap-inspired music and lyrics (e.g. the beginning of “U”) fit together like puzzle pieces. Neither works without the other, and it makes for one of my favorite releases of the summer. Also, I am deeply in love with Karin, but that would be unprofessional and weird to mention in the writeup.

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Best New Songs of June 2015


These “Best of” are like clock work. The second I put one out, I feel like I’m already compiling the music from our writers for the next month. Well, have no fear, June is here. Throw this on for your July 4th celebrations, and be sure to come check out our July 2015 edition in a few weeks!

Download BNSOJ15

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Jack Garratt – Weathered

Jack Garratt

Some days I just want to be old. How great does it sound to be retired? I would read so many books, lay in so many hammocks, sit by so many fireplaces, cook so many meals, go on so many walks. It’s going to be delightful. But then I remember that I’m still young and energetic and I actually kind of like going to work and being productive. So for now I guess I just depend on vacations to feel like a retired person a couple times a year.

I am loving this new song about growing old and staying young by Jack Garratt, a rising star with vocal similarities to Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons), which I can always get behind. Give me more of this gold, please, Jack.

Ok bye though. I’m headed on vacation.

And if I never let you go, will you keep me young, keep me young? 

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Watch Rihanna’s NSFW Music Video for “Bitch Better Have My Money”


Rihanna‘s fierce and traptastic song “Bitch Better Have My Money,” affectionately known as BBHMM, now has an equally powerful music video. In the cinematic cut below, bad gal RiRi kidnaps and stuffs an attractive blonde in a trunk for ransom. Rihanna and her crew effectively torture the poor woman by force feeding her alcohol and drugs while chilling by various bodies of water. Umm not to sound weird but, can I get held for ransom by Ri? It sounds kinda dope to be honest.

Watch the visuals below and let us know what you think. Warning: EXTREMELY not safe for work.

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[Download MP3] Hazey – HypeLove Song

New Hazey!

Yesterday, we introduced you to Sam Sloan, who hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Well, it turns out there is more rap talent in Hamilton, and like, who the fuck knew that shit?

Hazey is from Hamilton. His government name is Michael Hill. He almost reminds me of Frank Leone, but other than that stretch of a comparison, his sound is completely his own. There is this tinge of reggae or something to his music. I can’t pinpoint it exactly. Look out for his HypeLove project in August.

What you know about a hypelove song?


Stream and download my second favorite track by Hazey.


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[MP3] High Rule – Control

Mad Men

Are you ready for some 50 Shades of High Rule? Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but High Rule’s latest release, “Control,” gives off that dark-alley, touchy-feely, lets get freaky vibe. So kind of like 50 Shades reversed minus the highly explicit material. This is a complete flip of their style from the past three releases and it’s evident. However, the catchy chorus streak continues! I’m still bumping “Thirsty,” but that’s going to have to make some room for this one. Sharing is caring, ya know?

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