ISLAND – Dreaming Of


ISLAND may not be a name you know now, but they’re anticipated to be one of the top acts to watch in 2017. This indie-rock outfit has been turning heads, selling out shows in the UK, and also has their fair share of high streaming numbers. “Dreaming Of” is their latest track off of their upcoming EP A Place You Like and it really sets the stage for what ISLAND is all about. It’s a love song that’s intertwined with tenderness and dream-like sounds. However, it doesn’t stray from that pure indie-rock vibe. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for more ISLAND in the near future!

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Paces – Savage Feat. Nyne


Some tracks are so easy to get into within seconds because they reel you in with a mesmerizing, catchy beat. You turn it on and like that your mind is twisting and your head is bobbing like nobody’s business. “Savage” is no exception and we can thank Paces and Nyne for that. This team-up is a match made in addictive sounds heaven and will likely control your brain for the rest of the night. Get your dose of pop-electronic goodness below.

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Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right)


That feeling of angst may seem like something we left in our teenage years, but let’s be honest, those emotions still come up in our twenties and beyond. So, it’s only fair we have a bit of rage in our music to keep the vibes going. Luckily, we’ve got a pop-rock powerhouse like Grace Mitchell to quench our thirst for edgy sounds. “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” is her latest offering and it has something we haven’t quite seen from the Portland artist yet. We’re used to poppier vibes from her, but she’s taking it to “let’s smash a guitar” level and we’re all about it (and I think we could all use it this week). Check out the angsty anthem, “Kids (Ain’t All Right) below.

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[Sunset Mixtape] We Lost Faith

New Sunset Mixtape!

January is the first month of the year. It, quite reliably, presents the opportunity for change — a new year and a new you. Only, this year is a bit different, because, at the tail end of what was a particularly bleak year, we, collectively, lost faith. We lost faith in the system, in each other, and in the ability of new ideas to propagate change. I named the mix We Lost Faith (following the lead of ATL guru Nessly) to elucidate this fact. After all, we can’t combat a problem unless we know what it is. Our generation is one deeply affected by 9/11 and other random acts of terror, the Great Recession, and the most contentious presidential election in the past hundred years. A fundamental lack of faith in institutions is built into our DNA, yet this is clearly a losing point-of-view. We have to regain control of our collective destiny. Thankfully, we live in an era where it is easier than ever to communicate with one another and activate the fellow disenfranchised. So, yes, we lost faith. For a blip on the timeline, we fucked around and elected a megalomaniac into the most powerful office in the world. That… was not the answer, but I am confident we can contain the damage and begin rebuilding our faith.

I’m tryna tell you how it all restarted ’cause of Reagan / You walk out and the cops tryna shoot you like Cary Fagan

NOTE: Original image by Alessandro Ruggieri. Edit and design by Arjun Grover.



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Jazz Cartier – Tempted

jazz cartier

Jazz Cartier is ringing in the new year with some fresh tunes which we can never resist. “Tempted” could have been a perfect party track to dance to on New Year’s, but who says there isn’t still time to add it to the playlist? This “love” party song will become a hip-hop earworm real quick with its addictive chorus, “Feel like I can’t get enough/ If you keep dancing on me/ Girl, I’ll be tempted to touch“. Jazz Cartier is bound to bring it in 2017 and this one is just the start. Check out the catchy track below.

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Best Songs of 2016

Best Songs of 2016

You could say that 2016 was a weird year, or a year of change. It was a year where 3-1 leads were no longer safe, Kermit The Frog ran the internet, Snapchat took over the world, dabbing continued to exist, an inebriated Bill Murray took you out to the ballgame, and much, much more. In music, it was the year of the “surprise” release. Long gone are the days where we’re told an album is due ahead of time. You wake up, brew your coffee, check Twitter, and there you find a live video feed of Frank Ocean taking on a DIY project, while simultaneously setting the world on fire to burn in speculation about what is happening.

Welcome to our best songs of 2016.  A list of 149 songs spanning the course of a completely reasonable 9.5 hours. We picked songs from 113 different artists, but there were a handful* of artists who seemed to win the year, landing the highest number of songs in our list. Most of these artists had songs chosen as a top song of 2016 by multiple members of our team.

Here are those winners, ranked with their number of song nominations in parenthesis:

  1. Frank Ocean (14)
  2. Francis and the Lights (7)
  3. Chance The Rapper (7)
  4. Drake (7)
  5. Kanye West (6)
  6. Bon Iver (6)
  7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (5)
  8. Allan Kingdom (4)

*We listed the top 8 because there were many artists who tied for #9.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: life will throw you curve balls any chance it can. How you take that curve ball is one thing, but the music in your life will always be your constant among infinite variables. It will be there when you’re at your best and at your worst. Find your vibe, and spread the love. That’s the best part about blogging; being able to share and open other people’s eyes to different artists and genres. That is the point of this list. We are sharing what we loved about 2016. Despite all the weirdness that happened, whether for good or bad, 2016 was an incredible year for music, and it will only get better in 2017.

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NOTE: Original cover image by Samantha Friend.

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