Crywolf – Never Be Like You (Flume Cover)


Crywolf has been on a tear later. In the past year, he’s released 3 projects that have steadily built his buzz and audience. Equally talented as a producer as he is a singer, his latest effort is a complete revamp of “Never Be Like You” by Flume, and it’s stellar from front to back. Most wouldn’t be able to pull off a cover like this – a record that was already a #1 hit in Australia – but Crywolf seemingly reinvents the wheel with ease. Replacing the original’s pop flavor for something more brooding, Crywolf’s vocals soar over deep R&B tones that give a dark twist to “Never Be Like You” that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Stream Crywolf’s excellent cover of “Never Be Like You” below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Liss – Miles Apart [Video]


The Danish group Liss had heads turning when they released their track “Try” a little under a year ago. “Try” was unique, raw, and catchy, all the things anyone could ask for. Now the band is exposing more of their style with not only a new song (or rather, an old song they’ve been playing live for awhile, according to the band), but also a music video to pair with it. “Miles Apart” is super funky and is intertwined with multiple genres from pop to r&b. It’s needless to say, fans of many types of music can get down to this number. The video isn’t over the top, but rather a raw display of a regular night under the starry sky with the boys of Liss. Check out the video below and take a listen to Liss’ EP First, out now.

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LUVKUSH – The Name feat. NYNE


Some songs are just meant for zoning out and getting in that laid back vibe. LUVKUSH and NYNE are two fresh r&b artists that are bringing those flavors to the table. “The Name” is that simple, slick r&b track that is just right for a late night. LUVKUSH gives off those Post Malone-esque vocals while NYNE brings another dimension to the song with her more tender, sweet sounds. Overall, it’s a combination of two up and coming artists that seems to fit together in all the right ways. Check out the new tune “The Name” below.

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Alpines – Completely


R&b is hotter than ever these days, but the key is standing out and creating an experimental atmosphere with the genre that many of us adore. The members of slick London-based duo Alpines are back with a different little spice to set our r&b hearts on fire. Although Alpines has always had that soul and coolness to them, they’ve taken a unique step with their newest single “Completely”. It’s got that dark edginess that’s intertwined with tenderness and pure emotion. It’s simply one of those songs you want by your side on a lonely night because it’s got those deep feelings that’ll have your mind going wild. We can only hope for more of those vibes from their new material, but for now check out “Completely” below.

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Cobi – Darker Than Dawn


Formerly of Boston-based Gentlemen Hall, Cobi struck out on his own with two silky singles last year and is back with a mesmerizing third. The soulful pop of “Darker Than Dawn” is laced with plaintive regret but still manages to come off as beautifully anthemic. Its bluesy sentiment runs in the same vein as Nathaniel Rateliff and Hozier but Cobi is smart enough to intersperse some decisively digitized elements to spice things up. The young singer-songwriter is currently on tour with Above and Beyond and has recently clocked in performances at Massey Hall, Royal Albert Hall and is playing tonight (May 12th) at The Chicago Theater.


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Annabel Jones – Happy

Annabel Jones Pic

Annabel Jones, a newbie from London, made major waves with her debut release, “IOU” a few months ago, and her recently released “Happy” is the perfect follow up to continue her momentum.

From the opening of “Happy”, Annabel Jones employs an almost nursery rhyme like flow as her melancholy voice peaks and dips in a saw pattern over some delicate keys, quickly establishing her vocal control as a standout element of the record. This impressive control continues to shine over the duration of the track, as Jones’ clarity fits perfectly with the more expansive sections of the instrumental.

On the side of the instrumental, synth bass and other electronic elements augment an otherwise stripped down beat for a very interesting sound; production over this track switches from tranquil piano ballad to video game soundtrack at a quick pace without sounding forced.

Listen to “Happy” here!

-Kyle Copier


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