The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

5 Best Dance

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”
― George Carlin

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Låpsley – Falling Short

head shot

Hailing from the famous musical town of Liverpool, singer-songwriter Låpsley has emerged into national consciousness via her mutant blend of piano driven folktronica. She has recently inked a deal with XL Recordings and will be releasing her debut, Understudy, January 5th. XL has decided to release the song “Falling Short” as a teaser for the forthcoming EP which will undoubtedly expand on her evocative downtempo sound.

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[Video] Jez Dior – Clean Me Up


In anticipation of his latest EP, The Funeral, LA-native Jez Dior recently dropped a new single and accompanying video. The cinematic and emotional visuals take you through the song’s theme of sobering soul searching. Like a addict on the road to recovery, the track’s sequencing is bumpy with explosive highs and somber lows. Perhaps JD’s use of light auto-tune signifies an identity crisis in itself?

Watch the official video for “Clean Me Up” below.

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Misun – Superstitions


Sometimes it’s hard to believe how incredibly addictive Misun are. They’ve managed to release over a handful of dance infused tracks that have people turning their heads. They’ve got their own twist of pop uniqueness that is unlike any other. This time they’re here with their new single, off their debut album, called “Superstitions”. It’s upbeat, filled with those edgy vocals and just overall a fabulous way to kick off what will hopefully be a just as wonderful debut release. Listen to the gem below and keep your eyes peeled for Misun’s debut out in November.


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Angelo De Augustine – Old Hope

cover art

Whispy LA songwriter Angelo De Augustine specializes in the kind of intimate bedroom pop that launched Elliot Smith’s career. Angelo’s forthcoming album, Spirals of Silence, was recorded on a reel-to-reel in his apartment with little more than a guitar and his soulful timbre. His quivering delivery may appeal to fans of Sufjan Stevens and Devendra Banhart while his moody, lullaby esthetic has a distinct Nick Drake flavor.

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Jay Brown – Angelina

Jay Brown

Jay Brown deals in a brand of rural songwriting that is hard to come by these days. Usually when someone is as good as this, they get swooped up by a label and groomed into some fabricated version of themselves. But being a fixture in the North Carolina music scene for over 15 years, Brown has had time to shape and develop his folky style and has emerged from the Carolina High Country as one of the most authentic songsters since Doc Watson. Jay’s newest offering, Beginner Mind, is a kind of philosophical coming of age album. The songs speak delicately on the issues of life and family while alluding to the joy found in maturing into ones true calling. The phrase ‘Beginner Mind’ conjures up the possibilities inherent in the mind of a child and it is this state of openness which Brown imbues his work with.

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