Honey Gentry – Dreamlover

London, UK-based Honey Gentry dropped her dreamy debut EP Moonlight in late 2018,  gaining some good support from the likes of Dork, Record Of The Day and NME who tipped her as ‘one to watch’ with an inclusion in the NME100 – Essential Artists to Watch in 2019. Now she’s returned with more elegant, bittersweet pop that lands somewhere between Lana Del Ray and a David Lynch soundtrack. “Dreamlover” is a spidery ballad that allows for HG to brood and reflect on being haunted by a lover within a dream, long before crossing paths in the waking world.

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Ela Nedra – Places

Electro-Pop artist Ela Nedra has delivered another tropical banger, conjuring up the positive vibes of the heat-drenched islands. Nedra has steadily developed a sound that lands somewhere between Nelly Furtado and Alessia Cara, with a modern sensibility. “Places” is the 3rd single the songstress has dropped via indie label I like Flamingoes, and is another stunning example of how she is able to imbue her electronic compositions with warmth and original pop dynamics.

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ackerman – 84 Palms

Brooklyn-based experimental electro rockers ackerman is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Jordan McAfee-Hahn, who has uses the project as a springboard to collaborate with a wide community of NYC artists filmmakers, and musicians that have contributed to the project.

Inspired by ‘bedroom pop’ of the early 2000’s, “84 Palms” elicits a softer touch from the band, showcasing Jordan’s ethereal vocals and dialed-in pop melodies over a bed of glistening, synth driven production. That intangible mixture, combined fingerpicked guitars, creates a sound that is synthetic yet natural – a stylistic evolution that points to a promising new aesthetic for the band.


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Teddi Gold – Figure It Out

Teddi Gold seemed to bust out of the gate a few months back, a fully formed pop anomaly, boasting the delightfully saccharine single “Video Games.” Her undeniable knack for crafting dynamic tracks with phat beats and ear wormy melodies could certainly place her amongst contemporaries like Charlie XCX and Dua Lipa, but Teddi seems less interested in regurgitating tried-and-true fluff, preferring to adapt the Top 40 format to fit her empowering agenda.

Gold’s newest single, “Figure it Out,” is packed with gorgeous, self-reflective hooks which elicit a feeling of elation and catharsis. The subject matter here could be interpreted as a ‘get over him’ content, but is much more about taking responsibility for your life and becoming a spiritual warrior. Regarding the meaning of the track, Gold says, “Figure It Out’ is my reflection on walking away from a toxic relationship. The pain of letting someone go, but also the celebration of finding your self worth.”


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Ela Nedra – Live it up Slow

The newest Ela Nedra remix, courtesy of Ruby Francis & Raph A, is a gorgeous summer jam full of punchy synth stabs and shimmering beats. Her signature tropical electro-pop vibes are ever present, but there is a welcomed injection of RnB flavor that pushes the track further into Top 40 territory. It is a surprisingly earthy remix, relying on Nedra’s effortless vocals and positive lyrics. According to the songstress, “I like truth and I tend to listen to my music early in the morning; the quiet somehow makes for peace within. I’m a hippy, I know, just happy to have been given the chance to make and sing music that
relates to where I’m at now. Electronics in sound doesn’t have to be cold! There is heat in the music. You can hear clearly when you listen with your body and heart.”

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Remember The Monsters – Sink

Electro-rock quartet Remember The Monsters curb their hard-hitting edge with soaring melodic hooks, imbuing their slamming riffs with soulful pop introspection. They came up in the burgeoning Tucson, AZ alternative scene which made them work twice as hard to stand apart from the throngs of upstarts intent on carving out their own niche. Their hunger for perfecting their craft is evident in their newest single, “Sink,” which sounds like a tight hybrid of Muse and Panic At The Disco.

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