Chelsea Lankes – Too Young to Fall In Love

Picture Taken from Lankes' Facebook page

Chelsea Lankes (the artist you should have been listening to since even before she released “Ghost”, an incredible record from early last year) just released “Too Young to Fall In Love”, a cover of the 1983 Mötley Crüe classic, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since.

The trouble with cover songs is making them sound new and different, but Lankes handles this issue with the same ease she made us think of lost love on “Ghost”, recognize new love on “Secret”, and “let it happen” on “Down for Whatever”. The strength Lankes shows here is a rare ability to take a concept she didn’t come up with, with lyrics she didn’t write, and proceed to spend the next three minutes and 10 seconds convincing you that there is no way anybody else could have owned the song the way she did. “Too Young to Fall In Love” not only feels like a Chelsea Lankes song, but it makes chronological sense when compared to her recent releases.

The production on the track is air-tight as well. Showing flashes of Lankes’ past releases, the instrumental contributes to the cover feeling like an original record. Lankes rides the beat in a familiar confident fashion, showcasing flawless vocals which succeed at sounding both confident and vulnerable at the same time. The way the guitar solo/bridge is newly wrapped creates a perfect setting for the final moments of the track, and Lankes brings it home with ease.

Be on the lookout for more music from Chelsea Lankes, and if you haven’t already, go back and listen to “Ghost”, “Secret”, “Down For Whatever”, and anything you can find from previous releases. You’ll thank me later.

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Oh Wonder – Technicolor Beat

oh wonder

 Oh Wonder have been releasing solid track after solid track these days. They promised to grant listeners a new song every month and luckily for us they haven’t skipped a single beat. This duo has managed to bring something new with each tune and their newest one is no different. “Technicolor Beat” is perfectly calming but with enough flavor to it to bring a head-bobbing beat. This duo is unstoppable and although a song a month is perfectly fine with us, an album would be even better. Until then, enjoy their March track below.


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[Download MP3] Johnny Yukon – Don’t Play

New Johnny Yukon!

“Don’t Play” by Johnny Yukon was love at first listen for me. You should go ahead and click the play button if you haven’t yet. The song is perfect. The lyrics are straight-forward without being obvious. The sounds are ones that are very frustrating to write about because I have to use words like “summery” and “sunny” and like those aren’t sounds so it’s confusing. It reminds me of an uptempo version of “Brooklyn” by Samuel, which is one of my favorite songs ever.


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Wasko – Songbird

Wasko | Sunset in the Rearview

A deep house groover here to warm you up for festival season – turn the volume up loud and hopefully you have a subwoofer, cause this one brings heat. All the way from the east coast, Nick Iwaskow aka Wasko is at it again with another blend of his deep and psychedelic bass sounds. Having dabbled in many different genres and forms of artistic expression including live AV / installation work, the man is a jack-knife of interesting culture and stimuli.

Check out his latest, titled Songbird, available now for free download via Soundcloud:

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that his eclectic array of musical personas include melancholic indie / RnB anthem style electronic tunes such as this, which happens to feature Montreal resident Jenna Deagle-Potter:

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Dan Deacon – Feel the Lightning


I’m only sorta sure of what a Gliss Riffer is or if it’s a good thing to be one, but Dan Deacon makes it sound like the most supremely fun occupation in the world right now. The modern king of avant electronic music finally followed up on 2012′s incredible America with a more lighthearted set of riffs that fully harness the no-holds-barred, sweaty-filled catharsis that has made his live show the stuff of legends.

Gliss Riffer is so ridiculously stuffed with unbridled glee, but nothing heralds this new, straightforward pop era of Deacon better than a video with two animated armchairs dry humping each other after discovering a Joy of Sex book. And no, that’s not even close to the weirdest visual in this video for “Feel the Lightning”, an ode to anxiety that comes off like a forefather of Passion Pit pitched down a few octaves.

Gliss Riffer is out now via Domino and Deacon starts his full US and Canadian tour/dance party tonight in New York.

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Will Smith – Men In Black (PINEO & LOEB Remix)

Pineo & Loeb | Sunset Rearview

Today funk is on the agenda – good vibes, loud bass and spring is in the air…almost. The east coast groove-duo PINEO & LOEB return with another throwback jam session of a remix; laden with the enthusiastic live guitar stylings of Helical – we couldn’t be more excited to bring this FREE DOWNLOAD to the table! Tonight we’re gonna cruise the streets with the sunset in our rearview, and rinse this tune on repeat.

If you’re a fan of this one, you should probably head over to their Soundcloud and cop one of the many electro feel-good jams that they have to offer! Namely their recent remix of the Gorillaz – Dirty Harry: see below.


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