[Premiere] Prelow – I Don’t Wanna End The Night

New Prelow!

You might remember Prelow from their 2014 hit, “Mistakes Like This,” and their subsequent EP, Why Does Everything Happen So Much. Since then, the NYC duo has taken time to experience new things as they develop their follow-up project, and today, we are excited to premiere Prelow’s latest single, “I Don’t Wanna End The Night” — out for the first time in its final form after the demo circulated a few years back.

This is one of those songs that is so specific and rooted in detail that it speaks a universal truth, as it elucidates the empty feeling one is left with after the fun is over. Its intimate portrayal of carefree debauchery and 4 a.m. companionship will likely restore your own incomplete memories from similar nights out. With their fingers so steadily on the pulse of the city dwelling, twenty-something experience, Prelow is probably the closest thing we have to a modern-day version of The Strokes.

Listen to “I Don’t Wanna End The Night” below, and while you’re at it, also check out “Guitar Beat” which was released last month.

So I say, “Let’s get a drink at the bar downstairs”/ She said, “Hey, I’ll get a drink almost anywhere”



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Emma Dewing – Buttons


Everybody likes a little bit of spice in their pop music and Emma Dewing is bringing her own flavor with her latest track, “Buttons”. At times, her sound steps into Melanie Martinez and Marina and the Diamonds territory with that quirky yet dark genre of pop. At other times there’s a tiny sparkle of Lana Del Rey. Regardless of all these comparisons, she’s got her own personality that shines through. The LA songstress is unique and is bound to catch the attention of plenty of fans. For now, step inside “Buttons” and get a glimpse of Emma Dewing.

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[Premiere] Analog Monoxide – Playing Tag

Analog Monoxide 2

Nordic chameleon singer/producer Analog Monoxide’s tunes vacillate between experimental electronica and blues-tinged Americana, and fall somewhere between Portishead and Tom Waits.  His lead-off single “Playing Tag”, with its swelling synths and steady beats, is ambience and fine tuned electronica mixed into a blender and chilled to perfection. The Ørsta-based artist, known locally as Stian Høyberg, frames the powdery synth-line and glitchy percussion with a mournful confession of lovelorn lyrics before the track gives way to a lush, organ-tinged coda. Høyberg’s sophomore album, Songs For the Road, is due out April 15th and boasts more of his ace eclectic meanderings.



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[Premiere] Rozes – Hanging On (Pepsi Creators Live League Video)


First The Chainsmokers, and now Pepsi, Rozes releases a live music video from the Pepsi Creators League Studio for her reggae-ton influenced, but somewhat dark pop tune, “Hangin’ On.” I actually had the pleasure of seeing Rozes in her hometown of Philly, which is something you don’t get to see everyday. Cool moment to watch an artist perform in front of her hometown crowd as you can always tell there’s a little more emotion to it. “Hangin’ On” is off of her latest EP, Burn Wild, which you can stream on SoundCloud below.

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Best New Songs of February 2017


The only important thing to mention here is that Chance The Rapper won three Grammy’s in February. I remember the days when I was bumping #10Day, which was five years ago, and thinking this guy just gets it. Five years later, he’s won three Grammy’s, has yet to sell any music (never will), and has become a public figure on social issues for Chicago by recently donating 1 million to public schools. You want to talk about a Best of February? New releases aside, that award goes to Chano. Incredible what this guy has done over the course of five years.

We also have a playlist of 30 songs for you, so check that out below.

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Coucheron – Barely Floating feat. Matilda


23-year-old Oslo producer Coucheron’s slow-burning, jazz imbued electronica has been vindicated by a Grammy nod and has been playlisted by none other than Taylor Swift. He followed his buzzy 2015 debut “Playground” with a string of official remixes for the likes of Mayer Hawthorne, CeeLo Green, Charlie Puth & Nick Jonas, and is now coming full circle with his debut LP, “You/Me,” via Toothfairy. The young producer still relies heavily on collaborations but they often bare tasteful fruit. “Barely Floating” is an eclectic ride through dubstep, French house and neo R&B with some sugary pop to top things off. Rage to it.

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