Best New Songs of April 2016


Life can change in a blink of an eye. It’s astounding, really. One day you’re living a certain way, and then your life took a complete 180 degree turn, hopefully for the better. People will come. People will go. Shit happens, but we evolve. We adapt to what’s thrown our way. The one constant we have is music. Check out Best of April below. Go out and try something new in May, and see you back in a month. Thanks for reading!

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Lost Kings – You Ft. Katelyn Tarver (Halogen X Niko The Kid Remix)


Atlanta-based duo Halogen continue their ascending march through the ladders of the dance world with their latest remix of Lost Kings. Teaming up with fellow producer Niko The Kid, Halogen and company take the already great “You” to new heights, pitching down Katelyn Tarver’s vocals and adding in an infectious bass riff that’s Disclosure-esque. Look out for this one the next time you hit the dance floor.

Stream Halogen’s remix of “You” featuring Katelyn Tarver below.

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Sevn Thomas – Can’t Sleep Alone (ft. NYNE)


Sevn Thomas is the producer you either know or you know without even realizing it. His most notable musical contribution in recent times was none other than Rihanna’s hit single “Work”. If that hot track isn’t enough to convince you, he’s cooked up quite the collaboration with Australian songstress NYNE. “Can’t Sleep Alone” is a mysterious, dark r&b track that possesses some similar vibes to those of another gloomy favorite, the Weeknd. NYNE’s vocals are tender and don’t lack the much-needed edge to keep up the atmosphere. Check out the team-up between Sevn Thomas and NYNE below.

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[Stream + Lyrics] R.LUM.R – Tell Me


Nashville is deep rooted in soulful singer songwriters, and R.LUM.R represents a new wave from that historic tree. On his latest cut, “Tell Me”, RLUMR combines lush electronic elements with his intimate and breathy vocals to splendid results. It’s an honest and vulnerable track that is guised behind its tight and upbeat production, which is a good thing. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy as he continues to heat up!

Stream “Tell Me” below and hit the jump for the lyrics.

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Roosevelt – Colours


We aren’t constantly hearing about big music names from Germany, so it’s crucial that German artists really bring it when they’re getting their name out to the world. Germany has some gems and Roosevelt is on his way to making that clear. Roosevelt is the moniker of Cologne, Germany-based producer Marius Lauber, who’s prepping to release his debut album in August. “Colours” is a total dance track with some slight 80s vibes and comparable to the sounds of another funky band, Friendly Fires. So basically, if you’re craving indie-rock sprinkled with electronic, this will be your next obsession. Check out “Colours” below and keep an eye out for the self-titled debut from Roosevelt, out at the end of the summer.

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Youngr – Out Of My System

Taken from Youngr's facebook

For those of you graduating soon, sizing up finding a job and the like, and looking to have a good time before you have to learn about the real world, Youngr’s new track “Out Of My System” is the perfect backing song for your “trip with friends to some other country” montage video. Or anything else, really.

Glowing synths open up an electro pop beat bursting with whirring sounds and deep bass where Youngr finds himself reflecting on the time he has to live the fun parts of life before he has to “go buy a shirt and tie”. Mellow vocals support the tone of the record which at times comes across as a conversation in Youngr’s own head and becomes a wise bit of advice to those in his similar situation. Where “Out Of My System” really works is in the way the vocals stay within the confines of the beat. There are no forced “big” vocal moments on the track, only methodical sound choices that fit perfectly together with the overall record. In the end, all that remains are spot on vocals, an attention grabbing beat, and a push of the replay button.

Listen to “Out Of My System” here:


-Kyle Copier

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