21 April 2013

Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful (from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Lana Del Rey!

This is my second post today about music from movies, but that makes sense. I love movies, and I love music. The two play together so well, titillating your senses and triggering your emotions. Gosh, I also LOVE the word “titillating”; it makes me giggle. Anyway, a few days ago we posted about the preview of the Jay-Z-helmed The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Upon first listen, Lana’s contribution seemed to be a far-and-away highlight, so much so that I used an inequality symbol in a tweet, which I kind of hate.

The confusing thing about this song is that while Lana Del Rey may not always be young, she will always be beautiful. Gosh, she’s my spider angel (not sure what that means–but it feels right). This song is gorgeous. 


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