05 January 2012

The Cases For And Against Lana Del Rey [MP3: National Anthem]

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

When I started writing this post, I wasn’t really sure I got the controversy surrounding Lana Del Rey. I asked people on the Facebook Page right now what they think, so stop by there to leave your opinion. But at first, I was thinking — alright, let’s be real. Her music is great. She’s a hottie. Okay, so she’s got big lips. But so does Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman kind of. And they’re all cool, right? Right. And “Video Games?” Incredible song. So, yeah, I was down with Lana Del Rey.

So the first time I heard “National Anthem,” I heard exactly what I read over at PMA. They said: “it sort of sounds like Cults covering Notorious B.I.G.” It was great. I was digging it. How do you get The Cults and Biggie in the same sentence without making a mashup?

Okay, but then, I listened to this song a couple more times. This song, particularly if you don’t understand English, can sound nauseatingly poppy. But even for those of us who speak English, the “wiki wiki wow wow” is, well, frankly, nauseatingly poppy. Is this Ke$ha we’re listening to all the sudden? But that part aside, when you listen to some of the other lyrics for a second, it’s actually pretty ballsy. Money is the anthem of success? Money is the reason we exist? Everybody knows it, it’s a fact, kiss kiss? Well, shit, Lana…how do you really feel? She’s on her upper echelon shit. Fuck it, I’m cool with that. Or am I?

Anyway, I’m all chopped and screwed and all I can do is stop thinking and keep on listening to more Lana Del Rey.

Born To Die, out January 31st. I’ll be back with more opinions.

MP3: “National Anthem” – Lana Del Rey


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