10 February 2015

Lais – Distance (ft. Skizzy Mars)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Lais!

The story of Lais began on Reddit where he posted his debut project Session One and instantly garnered a small, loyal fan base. From there, SITR favorite Skizzy Mars discovered him and convinced him to join the Penthouse Music roster. Together, they remixed Session One standout “For You,” which now has nearly a million plays on SoundCloud. That collaboration closed the Session One chapter of Lais’s short career, and began the Place in Time, which is the name of his upcoming EP, segment of his career. As Lais tweeted last night, it’s only fitting to start the new EP where he finished the last.

Here’s what Lais told Noisey about the song:

“The idea behind the song came from this one night where I was faded out of my mind partying in Montreal. Then after the party me and this girl went back to the hotel room and she wanted to hook up but she was trying to figure out if I was even conscious. So the whole time she kept asking me shit and all I could say was, “baby don’t worry, I’m still here” because the only thing I could understand her saying was my name. It was still a fun time but the song was just to let her know sometimes I’m gone but I’m still not that far away.”


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