20 August 2015

Kygo – Piano Jam 2

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I received nothing but positive feedback when I posted Kygo’s first Piano Jam, so I imagine people might be excited to know that Kygo has released a second Piano Jam. This one is even less produced than the first one – it’s nothing more than the sound of a grand piano. Kygo started to take piano lessons at age six and continued until he was about 16, when he decided to stop the lessons and start making his own music with a MIDI after watching many YouTube videos. As somebody who also took lessons for about 10 years, I can hear the classical influences in this piece. I can also say that I clearly did not get as much out of my ten years of piano lessons as Kygo did. In another life, I might have to take those lessons more seriously so I could sit down and create something as simple and beautiful as this. Loving it.


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