29 October 2012

Kids These Days – Traphouse Rock [Album Stream]

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Kids These Days Traphouse Rock Artwork

Kids These Days are buzzed about left and right these days. And for good reason, you’ll see. They’re a bunch (seven, to be exact) of kids from Chicago who came together in 2009 to challenge the current state of rock and hip hop, whether they knew it at the time or not. Today, they’ve released an album stream of their debut album, Traphouse Rock, which sounds a little bit like N.E.R.D. with its blend of rock, punk, metal and hip hop. What caught my attention first, I must say, is that the album was recorded by Wilco’s own Jeff Tweedy. Talk about cross-genre collaboration that goes beyond the sound. Tweedy originally got involved because he’s a family friend of one of the group members, Liam Cunningham. But it wasn’t just a one-time favor, it seems. When Kids These Days released their first EP, Hard Times, Tweedy listened and invited the group up to his studio to help them develop their style. They spent a couple weeks with Tweedy in the studio, and they were quick to say that it was an essential piece in their success.



Sample: “GHETTO” – Kids These Days


This is a really unique album. One of my favorite tracks, “Doo Wah,” is sampling “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies, and it sounds fantastic. The messages throughout the album are strong, too. There certainly seem to be social stances in some of the songs (“Don’t Harsh My Mellow,” in particular). But the band did deny that this is a political album, saying “I think the messages that we convey are more of an expression of human emotion than they are social issues. It’s more expressive of what’s going on around us, and then the common human emotions that tie us all together – love, doubt, belonging and need, things like that.”

Either way, The Kids These Days have a message that they want to be heard, and the bottom line for all of us is that they’re delivering it in the form of some pretty incredible-sounding music. I’m bought in. What about you?

MP3: “Bud Billiken” – Kids These Days


[via Rolling Stone]


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