08 January 2013

Kids of the Apocalypse – Masters of the Sun

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Don’t listen to the song yet.

I want you to do me a favor. When you listen to the song, close your eyes (or leave them open to watch the video) and think about what you’re hearing. What do you feel? Does it remind you of anything? Does it make you feel any particular emotions? Think about those sorts of questions when you listen. Then open your eyes and read what it makes me feel, and if you would, leave a comment (there’s a small “leave a comment” button at the bottom of the post, or there’s a Facebook comments stream if you’re on the actual post page) with how it made you feel. I’m really curious to hear if we’re feeling or hearing the same things, or if this song brings up certain memories in your life that you’re willing to share. Let’s get to know each other. I tell yall a lot about myself, but I don’t hear much about you guys.

Read the paragraph above. Don’t read the paragraph below until you’ve listened to the song.

Okay, now that you’ve listened and have had time to formulate your thoughts on the song, I’ll share what I felt. For the first part of the song, I felt like I was Ryan Gosling in Drive. Undercover, riding around in my car, having to watch my back, trying to get a job done before the sun goes down. Bad. Ass. But then that part hits where the choral voices come in, and suddenly the whole tone of the song changes. It’s like I’ve suddenly entered the promiseland. The choral vocal structure reminds me of singing with kids in a village in Kenya (one of my favorite memories). Masters of the Sun. I feel triumphant, like I just saved the world. Again, quite a bit like Ryan Gosling in Drive. It’s for a good cause, and we’ll protect this city. We’ll fight for this city.

Yeah, so I’m living in a dreamland when I feel these things while listening to this song, but when music can create that narrative in your head with so little lyrics in the song, you are likely to have stumbled across something great. And we have absolutely stumbled across something great with Kids of the Apocalypse (otherwise known as KOTA). I don’t know much about them yet, other than the fact that they’re from Greenland, they have an awesome website that’s set up to act like a Terminal window. This is their debut song, and it’s outrageously good. It’s blurring the line between pop, electronic, and hip hop, which is exactly the direction music needs to go in. Break the boundaries. Make new sounds. You’ll stand out for doing it.

Living for a century without a frontier, the time for creation has begun. We will not seek power, only release it. It must live free now. THE UNIVERSE WANTS TO PLAY. – Quote from KOTA website

Shout out to Disco Naivete for the discovery.

KOTA on Twitter


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