07 October 2015

[Premiere] Kennan Moving Company – Charades

posted by: Grant New Music Daily

Kennan Moving Company is a New York-based band who swirl together genres with uncanny ease. They’re reminiscent in many ways of Kids These Days, the cutting-edge soul-rock band where Vic Mensa cut his teeth before going solo.

Their latest single, “Charades,” premiering right here on Sunset, is an intoxicating blend of guitars, horns and powerful vocals from frontman Oliver Kennan. The track is earnest and introspective, but most importantly it’s a blast to hear. There’s an easy chemistry among the members of Kennan Moving Company that is apparent both here and on the rest of their short discography.

According to the band, “Charades is a song about that beginning phase of relationships where you really don’t know how the other person thinks of you… It’s about that point before either of you has made any overt gestures of attraction and you are trying to read their body language and puzzle out any subtle hints they might be dropping. I think it can really be kind of magical and totally excruciating at the same time.”

They dropped theirĀ No FunĀ EP last year, and if “Charades” is any indication, then their forthcoming project will truly turn heads. Quality bands are becoming harder and harder to find nowadays, and the maturity and soulfulness of Kennan Moving Company makes the group a true diamond in the rough.


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