12 August 2015

Kasbo – Again

posted by: Nathan New Music Daily
kasbo again

Kasbo’s done it again. The Gothenburg-native has proven himself to be a major player in the future bass arena, as he brings a degree of melody and harmony that the typically bass-centric genre has recently lacked. “Again” is his newest release on the forward-thinking, yet commercially appealing, Monstercat record label – the perfect home for the melodic Swede.

This is definitely a little bit out of my musical expertise, but I’ve been on a real future grind lately (hence the TKDJS track I shared this morning), and I really loved “Again” as well, and I had to share it. It’s got a seriously awesome melody driven by sparkling synths and soaring arpeggios that makes you want to hold onto someone you love and just sway along.

Peep “Again” below and keep an eye out for Kasbo, because he’s knocking on the door and he’ll be barging in before you even know it.


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