28 May 2013

Jones Street Station – Little Things (ft. The Girls)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Jones Street Station!

We last visited Jones Street Station with their gorgeous song “The Understanding,” and its adorable accompanying music video starring Community‘s Danny Pudi. Well, now they have a song featuring another Community star. The Girls consist of Alison Brie (Annie Edison on the show), Cyrina Fiallo, and Julilanna Guill. The trio is immensely talented and have done many shows with the collective. What makes this heartwarming track a bit more spectacular is that it was recorded in NY, Boston, Chicago, and three separate locations in LA (including a recording studio at J. J. Abrams’s Bad Robot). Early in the song, Jones Street Station takes full control, but it is the angelic harmonies of The Girls that make everything in the world make sense for about four minutes. You guys. I’m in love.

P.S.: Community fans! It has been confirmed that Dan Harmon has been asked back for the show’s fifth season.

P.P.S.: Alison, call me.

MP3: “Little Things (ft. The Girls)” – Jones Street Station

Click here to donate to Housing Works, the charity chosen for this week’s Perennial (basically JSS releases a free song every week of the year, and you can pay them back by donating to the 12 great causes they have partnered up with).

Photo Credit: Scott Witter


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