16 October 2015

Jon Waltz – Anna (Prod. Romil)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Jon Waltz!

If you take some of the world’s most influential thinkhouses (Pixar, DONDA, Tesla) and ask yourself what they all have in common, two concepts will come to mind: hard work and collaboration (also, risk taking). While many of us are staunch supporters of these brands, only a few actually follow the blueprint of ideation left by, for example, Kanye’s post-Yeezus interview spree. Jon Waltz is one of the few.

The Memphis rapper/singer has taken great care in the making of his upcoming Anna EP. In doing so, he assembled a team of some of the most talented young people in music (Romil, Tebs, Alex SiberJoba). The title track from the EP is a 3-minute glimpse into a kaleidoscope found on the ground of Coachella that is mysteriously labeled “love.” It is a fluid depiction of young romance that is constantly moving forward, as background vocals from Joba and Taeghan Hagood help fill-in black spaces of the painting.


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