19 May 2011

John Gold – Baby It’s Your Life [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

John Gold, a singer out of Southern California, has given Sunset in the Rearview the honor of releasing his newest single, “Baby It’s Your Life.” Despite John telling listeners “don’t freak out,” I wouldn’t be surprised if you freaked out when you heard this song. This is what I like to call power indie-pop-rock. Its chorus is so incredibly triumphant, it makes me want to drop everything, find a giving surface, and start jumping in the air singing along at the top of my lungs. Trust me, even on the darkest of days, the sun while shine when you listen to this song. Something tells me the whole album might have a similar effect.

MP3: “Baby It’s Your Life” – John Gold

When I first heard this song, it sounded familiar. Its style sounded a lot like one of my favorite indie-pop songwriters, Benji Hughes. After doing a bit of research, I found out that John Gold and Benji Hughes cowrote this song. As much as I love Benji’s version, John’s got a voice that carries this song on for miles throughout my aural tubes. It’s a bit clearer and better delivered. Even the simple piano chords make me feel victorious. I guess these days you can just say #winning!

Baby it’s your life, baby it’s your life,
You gotta live your life, have fun with your life

I hope yall love this song as much as I do. Just remember, Don’t Freak Out!

John Gold’s album, A Flower In Your Head, is coming out June 14 via Vagrant Records.


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