24 April 2012

JMSN – Hotel

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
JMSN Hotel Cover

I can’t take credit for this JMSN find. My little brother Arjun found it and sent me a text message telling me to listen if I was missing The Weeknd releases. Who isn’t ever missing The Weeknd releases? What is a coincidence is that I started listening to all of JMSN’s songs on his website and when I came across this one, I thought to myself…’holy shit. This is fucking unreal.’ Then I went back to my text messages, and saw that Arjun had said “Hotel is the jam.” See what happened right there? Great ears hear alike.

MP3“Hotel” – JMSN

Anyway, this is absolutely the jam. So good. And so thought provoking. When you love somebody who’s happy with someone else, are you happy for that person, or are you miserable? Which approach do you take in life? That’s some real shit right there.

Staring at the starry night, sitting in my hotel, while the girl of my dreams is happy with someone else … she’s happy … don’t I need her to be happy? Don’t I want her to be happy (without me)?


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