17 July 2013

Jaymes Young – Fragments

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Jaymes Young!

So often pop music is about finding simplicity in complex ideas–whether that means relating something so devious like love to a battlefield or pairing the drums and synths in a way that creates a fitting backdrop for the all-important hook. A good, pure pop song is also difficult to achieve and perhaps even more difficult to describe. But if I were to try, I would say an artist has a good pop song if he or she strips it down to its most basic elements and is left with just a beating heart. That is the mark of a good pop song, and that is what you get on Jaymes Young‘s “Fragments” (produced by Mike Fresh a.k.a. the guy that produced “Insomniac” and “Wrong Crowd” from Skizzy Mars‘s Phases).


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