07 February 2013

James Blake – Retrograde

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

In the undying words of the Notorious H.O.V., “The Ruler is Back,” and how sweet it is to have Mr. James Blake back in the building. If you’re unaware of who James Blake is, know two things: a) I pity you, and b) his genius is essentially unmatched. Nobody does what he does as well as he does it. Go back in the vaults and get hip to tracks like CMYK, Unluck, The Willhelm Scream, etc. Or, better yet, do yourself a favor and pick up the entirety of James Blake – James Blake and Klavierwerke on iTunes.

“Retrograde” is just really beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m flying, drifting somewhere above a beautiful, moonlit coast, floating in the air above the crashing sea, examining the world, with only my thoughts as company.

Ignore everybody else/ We’re alone now

Chilling, rhythmic electronica accentuated by beautiful, soulful lyricism: the epitome of James Blake.

His new EP, Overgrown, will be out on April 8th. Mark that date, and get ready to have your brain rattled by Mr. Blake when it drops. In a time of saturated genres and a notable lack of novelty, James Blake is in his own genre, breaking down barriers we weren’t even aware existed.


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