01 October 2012

Jaden Smith – The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1 [Free Download]

posted by: Arjun Mixtapes | New Music Daily

I didn’t want to be this guy. But I have this thing where I’ll post something if I enjoy it and see potential in it. That’s what happened earlier today when I half-jokingly pressed play on The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1 by Will Smith’s 14-year-old son… I liked it.

Let me set a few things straight before you do that thing where you scoff, roll your eyes, and skip on to the next post. I don’t like every song on this tape. But a lot of the songs are good if you just listen to them with an open mind. Sure, much of the tape is spent finding a definite voice (there are moments of full-on Drake impressions), but can we just remember that this is a mixtape by a 14-year-old kid? The lyrics aren’t bad (I’d be surprised if he wrote them all himself), and the beat selection is spot on. Whoever decided young Jaden should rap over Purity Ring and “cover” SBTRKT is really smart. Blogs eat that shit up. Um, y’all was that meta?



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