15 November 2015

[Premiere] Jackson Breit – Shades of Marmalade EP

posted by: Grant New Music Daily
Jackson Breit

Jackson Breit is a soulful pop singer from Virginia Beach, VA and, in many ways, an artist practically built in a lab for massive success. His voice is powerful and arresting, but not in a melodramatic way. He’s as capable of selling Fetty Wap‘s swaggering autotune come-ons on his “679/No Diggity” cover just as well as his own more introspective lyrics.

Shades of Marmalade, his brand new EP premiering right here on Sunset, is a catchy, uptempo and impressively diverse body of work. It blends traditional radio pop trappings with plenty of hip-hop and electronic quirks.

Breit said of the project:

“Shades of Marmalade is the first project that I’ve collaborated on with other producers that I have long since respected and admired. They brought new elements to my original sound that many of my fans will respond to in a positive way. Still has that Jackson blend of pop, soul and blues with a mix of other musical influences that I think will make the EP enjoyable for all kinds of music lovers.”

Lead single “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” boasts a warm, neo soul vibe topped off by heavenly electric pianos and swirling guitar riffs. It’s a true Indian summer of a song.

Elsewhere, guttural synth bass and trap hi-hats give “Catch Me Falling” an intriguing edge, and “Bed We Shared” is a tender, passionate acoustic ballad.

Throughout Shades of Marmalade Breit’s talent is on full display, and his sheer charisma links together the wildly different soundscapes well.

Breit has been churning out music for a while now, and this EP will likely give him his opportunity to bring his sunshine soaked sound to the world.


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