25 November 2012

Jack Magma – Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

Jack Magma’s debut single is a riot. From start to finish, this song is WEIRD, but throughout the weirdness, there is a simple underlying concept. “Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?” is filled with pleading lyrics (really, see below) and some tasteful, POP ETC-esque use of autotune. It is an experimental electronic R&B song that works and is the first release from Jack’s An Electric Purple EP, which will drop early next year. Cop a high-quality download of “Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?” here.

Baby, why you think that it’s a joke? You make me want to grab your neck and choke, and I don’t even think I can do that, cause I don’t know where you’re at.

[via Pigeons and Planes]


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