22 March 2013

Introducing: Robby Hunter Band

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Robby Hunter Band!

Robby Hunter Band is a trio (Robby, guitar and vocals; Pat Howard, drums; John Coughlin, bass) from Miami that blends hip-hop and funk stylings into an indie rock context. The resulting songs (so far just “Hard on Me” and “Corazón”) are the musical equivalent of a perfect day at the beach: friends, ice cold beverages, sun, sand, volleyball, and an ocean of endless possibilites–wait I’m not done–and at night, a campfire, tents, s’mores, a few more ice cold beverages, fireflies, a clear night sky of endless possibilities, and music. This music. Check it out.

P.S.: “Corazón” sounds a lot like a L’Homme Run track.*

*For those of you who don’t know, L’Homme Run was a side project of Ezra Koenig’s, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, back in college before VW. Actually, Chris Tomson, Vampire Weekend’s drummer, was part of it, too, so you could say it was the precursor to Vampire Weekend.


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