12 July 2013

Introducing: Akiine

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Akiine!

These two songs are killing me right now. Akiine‘s voice is flinching and affected and warm and quietly powerful, and as I listen to her music, I am literally watching my baby cousin grow up before my eyes. Earlier today I played her her first Michael Jackson song. She said it was “good.” That’s so cool. Before that I felt a bit embarrassed. She was looking at my laptop screen, and I was reading Sunset but quickly changed tabs because like sometimes we swear on the site. She can barely read but still. Kids are so impressionable. Being around one 24/7 these past few days has made me rethink cursing in type. Wow, sorry. I’m such a big baby. Listen to these songs if you want your heart warmed.

[via Hilly Dilly]


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