07 January 2014

[Interview + EP] MisterWives – Reflections

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Today, MisterWives released their debut EP Reflections. I was able to interview the lead singer, Mandy, about the EP and other fun tidbits. In a quick sum up, the EP is filled with different tunes for your listening pleasures that’ll have you moving and grooving. It’s a solid debut, and one that should gain some rotation in your iTunes/Spotify. Hit the jump to check out the interview and directly below that, the EP.

Sunset first heard of you on one of Arjun’s Tape Tuesdays, #girlshapedlovedrug, with Vagabond. Arjun has a knack for finding artists/songs before other blogs/people do, and then a few weeks later Kings & Queens was posted. Do you feel Kings & Queens was kind of the introduction to MisterWives as it seemed to make its way around the internet? Or was I just slow to join the MisterWives train?

Not slow at all! Kings and Queens was the first tune that all 5 of the MisterWives recorded together, so it definitely was an appropriate introduction to the band. We also went rogue and put out the song on our soundcloud without our manager’s permission. They were mad at us for a split second until blogs picked it up.

Now, I’ve never been in this kind of situation before because of my lack of talent, but what’s it like to see your music posted on a bunch of different sites just like that?

It’s pretty bonkers to see how much blog love we’ve gotten. Still remember the first big blog post we got from “Good Music All Day”. Etienne and I charged in on Will’s beauty sleep to celebrate the fact that we hit 1000 plays that night because of it. It’s so fun to watch the numbers grow and hear such positive feedback. We are forever grateful for their support, without them we’d have a hard time sharing our music…we’d probably be hustling in Time Square trying to sell the EP.

How did MisterWives come about? Where did the name come from?

It was serendipity! Our paths all crossed pretty randomly, Will and I met through a mutual friend where we became roommates shortly after and would jam til the wee hours of the morning instead of sleeping. Etienne and I worked a block away from each other in the city. He’d always come into the restaurant I worked at and order a soy bacon cheeseburger and talk music each and every time so I invited him to a rehearsal, and we became three peas in a pod. Et later invited previous bandmates Marc and Jesse on board where it was love at first sight and marriage shortly after. The name MisterWives is a play on the mormon term “sister wife”. Typically a man marries multiple women and they all became friends, we just reversed the roles. Polygamy at it’s finest.

When you’re recording, how do you decide what kind of song you’re making? Clearly there’s different styles. You have the more upbeat tracks like Kings & Queens & Twisted Tongue, but then there’s Coffins. What’s the thought process? Who does the songwriting?

There really isn’t much of a thought process to making music, it all happens pretty organically. We don’t sit down to think about what type of music we want to create next, we just jam on a song til it feels right. I write the skeleton of the tunes where I later bring it to the band to flesh out and put our MisterWives stamp on it.

How would you describe the music you make?

We try not to pigeonhole ourselves into one specific genre because we appreciate too many different styles and try to incorporate our favorite sounds into the music we make. We definitely fall into the category of pop-dance-folk-soul with the occasional funk when we’re feeling freaky.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I noticed that you were on tour throughout October/November. Was that your first experience? What was it like to take the tour virginity away?

October, November, AND December. By far the craziest ride we’ve ever been on, taking away your tour virginity is definitely more magical than taking away your actual virginity. It’s so inspiring to travel the country in a van with your best friends playing music every night to people who are fans of your music. It was a whirlwind of emotions and I miss it everyday minus how smelly the van became…touring with 4 guys? You do the math.

Mandy, I’ve heard around the blogosphere that you were into opera? Do you care to touch on that?

I wouldn’t say I was “into” opera, I went to LaGuardia Performing Arts HS where it was mandatory to study. It’s absolutely beautiful but of all the different styles of music I was exposed to it was by far the most technical. From it, I’ve taken the discipline a voice needs and that training sometimes trickles into my singing but I try to not focus too heavily on it.

 Can you please explain the idea behind the Lullaby video?

The video was meant to emulate a nightmare. Shooting that video however, was everything but that, we had the most fun ever.  Costing only a pizza to feed our crew we filmed it over the course of three days.Will Lucas was the mastermind behind the camera and had us doing some wild activities.  The first day involved demolition, smoke bombs, and almost burning our apartment down. The second day I sang to frogs, and crabs, and turtles OH MY. On the final day we tip toed into the regal Waldorf Astoria where we danced in breathtaking ballrooms that we had no business being in.  Luckily we didn’t get caught, guerilla filmmaking is the way to go.

What can listeners expect from the EP Reflections?

Our baby is finally out and we couldn’t be happier parents!!!! It’s our first EP EVER and is filled with 6 tunes we mostly self produced in Etienne’s bedroom. The songs all evoke different emotions we can all relate to and range from slower more stripped down tunes meant for the cold winter to songs that are synth pop heavy melodies made for the summer’s warmth. So, you basically can listen to it all year round (insert wink).

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