14 August 2015

[ICYMI] Timeline of Meek Mill & Drake Beef

posted by: Jordan News & Humor

So, in case you missed it, Meek Mill¬†decided to take a shot at (instead of with) Drake. Why? Who the hell knows. Maybe it’s because Drake and Nicki have been linked together in the past (Meek and Nicki are dating)? Maybe it’s because Drake is jew-ish? Maybe it’s because he pretended to be in a wheelchair for so many television years? Or maybe it’s because Drake didn’t buy Meek’s new album (in stores now, go out and cop it before shots are coming your way). Whatever the reason may be, Meek was thirsty. Some think it might of simply been a terribly thought out PR move. Again, who the hell knows, and I’m at the point of this. Even WWE got involved in the beef and took Drake’s side (sidebar: I’m a closet WWE freak). Hit the jump to figure out what exactly happened.

Let’s take a look at how things started, and where we’re at now:

July 21st – Meek took to Twitter to basically say that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. That’s absurd! Why would Drake not write his own raps?! I mean, yeah I know, he skips leg day, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my faith in Drizzy’s ability to write his own music. We don’t have trust issues yet.

July 22nd – Rick Ross tweets Drake >>> Meek. Sketchy that the big boss man (not as big anymore, shout out to all the pears) would do that, but then later Meek went onto say he was with Rozay at that moment, and the tweet was later deleted.

Some point between then and now – other rappers, Nicki, and producers tried to hop in on the “free PR”, but I’m not going to waste your time on that because nobody cares. Trim the fat, lets stick with the meat.

July 25th – Drake finally responds, in the form of a rap song!¬†Charged Up” would serve as a diss towards Meek. I guess in this case words speak louder than Twitter actions? Meek then went out and said this was soft…and this is where things start to get interesting.

Few days later – Drake didn’t wait for Meek to fully respond. He dropped “Back To Back” which is obviously directed at Meek. It’s painfully obvious. This was the exact moment where Drake set the universe on fire, and Meek was turned into ashes. Have you ever just said Meek a bunch of times and realized it’s a weird word? I just hit that point.

Few weeks later – The entire time leading up to this, Mill was silent. You know rappers need a few weeks to apparently come up with the perfect response to “Back To Back.” Eventually, though, Mill would arise from the coffin with “Wanna Know.” And it was bad. It was embarrassing. It was this. In particular, I was insulted. As previously stated, I’m apart of the WWE Universe, and Mill’s “Wanna Know” sampled The Undertaker’s theme song. DON’T YOU DARE GO OUT AND RUIN ONE OF THE MOST HISTORIC WRESTLER’S ENTRANCE MUSIC FOR WELL OVER 20 YEARS!!! Okay, rant over. Back to the beef. The diss was so bad, Twitter went wild on Mill with memes, WWE actually got involved (this is real as of the past 24 hours), and got “Wanna Know” taken off of SoundCloud. Mill, as Undertaker has stated throughout his entire career, may you Rest. In. Peace. Drake put you in the coffin, and The Undertaker sealed it. Cue my exit music, because I’m out.


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