30 July 2012

Hoodie Allen – Hey Now (Prod. by Something Silent)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

Last April I threw the concert that kicked off Hoodie Allen‘s All American tour. I think it’s safe to say that was the biggest and best thing I have ever done, and it’s an experience that I will have with me forever. One of the things about Hoodie that didn’t surprise me but still impressed me was how well he treated his fans. Like, he really took care of everyone at the show and made sure they had their time with The Hooded One (his words, not mine). This care is something that more artists should really look into. I mean, for Hoodie this care plus some quality music is why he had a top 10 debut on Billboard. It’s also the reason that, if you look at the SoundCloud page for this new song, the amount of downloads is almost triple the amount of plays. This means he has fans loyal enough to just blindly download any new release. I think that’s pretty cool and why you probably aren’t even reading these words. Biiiitch.

In other news be sure to catch Hoodie Allen and fellow SITR favorite G-Eazy on their joint Excellent Adventure tour. Get your tickets here.


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